How is the Dyson Hand vacuum?

I recently moved from a house to an apartment and I left my Dyson floor vacuum (which I loved) behind.

In the new place I have a non Dyson vacuum for the floor but it lacks the Dyson-ness I love and I think I need a hand vacuum for small jobs anyway so I was thinking of getting the Dyson Hand vacuum.

Anyone have any experience with the Dyson hand vacuum (the Dustbuster type one not the normal vacuum)? Is it good? Thanks.

We splurged on the Cyclone V-10 stick vacuum and quickly ditched our other vacuums. Not sure if that’s what you’re referring to.

We loved our Dyson hand vac to death. Literally. I tried to replace the battery, but that was an exercise in futility.

Have replaced with a Shark (two batteries!). Both are equally good at vacuuming. The Dyson is noticeably lighter in weight than the Shark. I wouldn’t mind having the Dyson again, but the two battery option is really really useful to us.

I have the one with the attachment for vacuuming mattresses, which I got because I thought it might be good for getting dog hair out of my area rug and car upholstery. It’s a great little vacuum. It has a “MAX” setting for tough jobs, but I run it on MAX all the time. I get at least five minutes of the high power vacuum out of it between charges, which goes a lot further than you would think. On the rug, I probably pass over each area twice because of overlapping vacuum paths. No fur left after the two passes, and I have a very, very furry dog.

It’s not super easy to get the canister open. Also, if the internal filter clogs up, the vacuum won’t run at all. It gets clean in the sink very easily, but it took about two days for mine to dry.

My hands have never been cleaner.

If your hands are that dirty, I suggest first removing most of the dust and debris from each hand by using the other hand, and then washing afterwards. :slight_smile:

Over priced. My brother had one. Worked fine, but $120 (the cheapest I could find)? It was no better than my trusty $30 Dirt Devil.

Edit: Btw, on the Dyson Ball vacuum, from commercials it always looked like the ball was unnecessary. A gimmick. Did it actually offer any advantage over non-ball vacuums?

I got a Dyson DC34 from Woot! for about $90. I love it. I haven’t tried any other modern hand vacs, but the Dyson is light-years beyond my old handheld auto vac thing.

Is the ball worthwhile? A thousand times, “Yes!” I badly injured my lower back during pregnancy. Using the regular vacuum was impossible. The movement to wrestle it from one straight line to the next puts more stress on your back than I’d ever have thought. With the ball I could easily move it all around in any direction. And emptying it doesn’t require getting down on the floor either. It’s a simple grab and go canister.

So, if you’re young and strong the regular vac may be building your core muscles. But if you are older or injured, the ball is a godsend.

If I could change one thing about it, I’d make the hose attachment longer and easier to stretch out. But this is a very small complaint.

I know what you mean and agree that the Dyson is very maneuverable. But what I meant was that there are other vacuums that are like that, but don’t have a ball. Is the ball functional? Does it offer anything that the non-ball, but still maneuverable ones don’t?

I have never experienced these “non-ball, but still maneuverable ones” so I can’t answer you. I can tell you that I tried every vacuum in Walmart, Target, Costco, and a boutique vacuum shop, and this was the only one I could steer around without pain. I love it like a pet.

The “ball” model of floor sweeper is worth every dollar. Great vacuum that can do almost anything. Nicely engineered, so some piece of plastic should not be breaking off next year. My wife bought one new, and ran it daily for seven years before it gave up the ghost. That’s 2500 uses for $350, or 14c per day.

Have the V8 with the “Animal” attachment. Highly recommended- I would think the V10 even better.