Corporate Weasel Scum

A couple of years ago, I was involved in a special project at work. It was a crappy asignment that nobody else wanted to do, but I did it and the yuppie weasel in charge of it promised us all that we would be remembered come review time, they value team players blah blah blah. Review times comes, we get the same joke of a raise as everybody else. We ask weaselboy about it, and he just blows us off. So one of my coworkers get HR involved, and I write weaselboy and email letting him know that I will do so also if he doesnt do the right thing.

Fast forward to last week. Weasel boy has recently become one of the managers in my dept. I have been working on special projects lately, which are taking up more of my time that they expected, and therefore not working on the normal stuff that shows up in the weekly reports in my group. Weaselboy starts telling everybody in the mangers meetings that I am worthless and that I am not doing anything whatsoever, using the weekly reports as “proof”. He starts trying to get me fired, or transfered out to some crap job. Fortuneately, I have friends in high places, and one of them tips me off. Friday, I sent a huge report of my own, detailing everything I have been doing, and CC’d it everybody I could think of. I think I caught things just in time, but I am updateing my resume just in case.

Some days I really hate people…