Corporations that have public political and/or religious viewpoints?

My question is inspired by this thread that I started on Sunday:

Which corporations are very public in stating their political and/or religious leanings? Here’s a couple that I can think of:

Ben and Jerry’s - Politically left-leaning

Amway: Politically to the right

Chick-Fil-A: Openly Christian (closed on Sundays, voluntary daily prayer sessions).

What others come to mind?

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Hobby Lobby is openly Christian - religious muzak, closed Sundays to “allow employees to worship with their families”. It’s a large-ish chain of craft/hobby/junky-home-decor stores.

Progressive Insurance supports (not surprisingly) progressive causes.

Google! They’re really liberal, though I don’t know what they’ve stated publicly. Yesterday I saw their homepage and it celebrated Paddington Bear’s 50’s birthday–then my husband mentioned that it was Columbus Day. I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

In-N-Out Burger prints references to Bible verses on their cups and wrappers. (Discreetly - on the cups, for example, they are on the inside of the bottom lip.)

I forgot that I was going to add Covenant Transport to the OP. They are a trucking company that puts Bible quotes and pro-life messages on their trucks. The first line on their web site is:

Covenant Transport, Inc. is a faith-based, truckload carrier with headquarters in the Scenic City of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Fox - Conservative (surprising, I know).
Cracker Barrel - Conservative
Domino’s Pizza - pro-life
Curves - pro-life

Ia Domino’s STILL all that religious or conservative?

I know that founder Tom Monaghan was a very vocal and conservative Catholic, but he gave up control over Domino’s a long time ago, and it’s far from evident that they’ve carried on in his political or religious traditions.

Alaska Airlines also quotes Psalms on a card with the in-flight meal.

I’m not sure I’d find that reassuring if I was on one of their flights… :wink:

Prety sure that the Franklin company (you know, they make Franklin Planners) is Christian of some denomination. They close on Sundays as well, even in the mall.

The company that makes Precious Moments ornaments is very Christian-oriented.

Readers Digest is also pretty damn Christian

Marriot hotels have a Mormon bible and a Christian bible in their rooms.

Franklin Covey does not close on Sundays because of the Sabbath. Part of the Covey culture (7 Habits Of Highly Effective People) is that workers should take some time to “sharpen the saw”.

In NYC, a storage facility has incredibly left-leaning advertisements.

And a local hot dog chain is also pretty active politically.

Do they get much business?

The Boy Scouts of America. Note what their first allegiance is to:

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country

In my experience, the BSA left a lot of latitude for self-determination as to what that duty is.