Correlation between testosterone and acne?

Any verdict? The reason I ask is because, in as far as I know, exercise increases testosterone levels. Now, I used to work out like a madman, and I had mild acne on my shoulders. For the last few weeks, I’ve been somewhat sedentary, due to school, and in addition to shrinking muscles I’ve noticed that my zits had all but cleared up. I attributed this to new dietary factors I’ve been going with and was happy about it.
Now, I’ve begun working out again and I’m noticing a resurgeance of the pus armies. I’ve really not changed anything else that I’ve been doing, so though it may be due to something else, and that my activity levels may not influence my testosterone levels that much, but I dont know what it could be.
Now, the reason that the connection came to me is because I know that steriods are known to cause acne, and that testosterone is a steriod.

So could that be it? Does working out give me my acne? Break it to me gently, please…

That’s odd, because when I was in a health-and-fitness class where I lifted weights everyday, my skin, normally quite clear, didn’t break out once. When I used to go tanning alot, it helped clean up my skin, too. I think sweating alot cleaned out my pores or something. YMMV.


Retin A

This is a direct answer to the question, but I don’t know if there is a correlation. I remember watching a science show a few years ago and they were discussing a male pill. Basically the man would take a huge dose of testosterone which would tell the testes to shut down sperm production. One of the side affects of this was acne.

SO I would say yes, testosterone causes acne, whether you produce enough exercising to create acne is another matter. Anyone know if this male pill was marketed?

I remember from a long time ago (I think) that acne was an estrogenic related problem. Seems bizarre ‘on the face of it’ (sorry :slight_smile: ) but we all have male and female hormones and acne was something to do with a temporary adolescent imbalance causing the blocking of sweat glands – very much just a wag as the memory has faded.

I’d try a search on Google (or whatever) for “Acne” and “testosterone” and / or “estrogens”