OK, time for another SDMB debunking. Cortislim is a new weight loss pill that promises results without requiring diet or exercise. The ingredients are the same list of herbal supplements in a lot of magic herb pills. The pitch is that it blocks (or balances) a harmful amount of Cortisol, a human hormone. Here is the basis of their pitch:

Unfortunately, while small amounts of cortisol are a “good” thing, too much cortisol, for too long, is most certainly a “bad” thing because it leads us to develop a number of adverse health conditions. Elevated cortisol levels have been associated with a wide range of health effects from increased appetite, to weight gain, to diabetes, to depression.

Here are the ingredients:

Vitamin C, calcium, chromium, Cortiplex Blend (magnolia bark extract, beta-sitosterol, theanine), Leptiplex Blend (green tea extract, bitter orange peel extract), Insutrol Blend (banaba leaf extract, vanadium).

So there you have it. A real solution for people with stress-induced weight gain, or just more hokum? And can’t those ingredient easily be duplicated with supplements from any health store?

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“Increased appetite, to weight gain, to diabetes, to depression …” are the least of your worries with elevated cortisol levels.