CORVID-19 research delayed due to Trump ban on fetal tissue research

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Throw another log on the woodpile of the Trump Party doing everything possible to make this situation worse.

Don’t crow too loudly …

Damn you for beating me to the pun.


Can someone explain the pun? Maybe I’ve been out of the country too long, but I don’t get it.

There’s a typo in the thread title … “corvids” are crows.

Because it what you really want is to run experiments on mouse/human hybrids, every disaster is a opportunity.

Yeah, it’s an opportunity to end the disaster, which evidently you have no interest in.

And we can’t use every tool at our disposal because some people insist on forcing women to remain pregnant against their will.

:smack: get used to it, I don’t see myself ever catching myself before I post this. In my mind this will always be the “crow flu”.

Yeah. CORVID just sounds better and would still be an appropriate shortening of CORonaVIrus. But I can understand why they don’t call it that so people wouldn’t associate it with birds.

Please note that I already posted this delightful malapropism in the Coronacoinage thread!

You’re raven to much about a mynah typo. You’re all a bunch of magpies.

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As a punishment, I am not fixing your thread title.:wink:

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