Cottage Cheese - what's your poison?

I’ve always loved cottage cheese. Growing up, it always seemed to be in the house, and was a lunch standard during the summer. When I moved off on my own, I would consistently forget which I liked better - small or large curd. And I got it wrong nearly every time. I HATE small curd, I’ve finally figured it out. Large curd doesn’t seem to…coagulate like small curd does. It’s a little runny, but that’s okay.

I also doctor the hell out of it. Cracked pepper and lowry’s seasoning salt, or Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning really give it some oomph. Most of the time when people see me doctor it up they’re absolutely perplexed - but how is that much different than pepper jack cheese?

I try and have some almost every night before bed. Our grocer (HEB) makes a fantastic pico so I usually put some on top. If I’m picoless then I may add just a bit of milk and salt to make it creamy. And I’m definately a small curd guy.

Bordens, HEB and Kroger brands I all like. Brookstone and Daisy I’ve thrown away after one bite.

Rats, I was hoping this was going to be a poll about sweet vs. savory cottage cheese.

I’ve personally always used it as a base for sugar and fruit. It threw me when a friend told me he’d always had it with pepper as a savory side.

I don’t actually know what sort of curd I prefer. I just want it with pear chunks, thanks!

Damn, I didn’t think of that - I’ve never really paired it with fruits. I could have done it with “doctored up - sweet” and “doctored up - savory”.

Small curd, low-fat (the skim stuff tastes weird), with crushed pineapple mixed in. Nom.

Plain, large curd.

I prefered small curd and with fruit growing up (when we often called it schmierkase).

Large-curd, low fat but never skim, generally with fruit. If I’m regressing to my childhood (once or twice a year), I’ll have it with noodles, cinnamon, and sugar.

Here, all the whey is removed (WHY???) so it’s dry and crumbly. I have no choice but to dump olive oil on it and add heaps of (snob alert) Australian salt flakes and tasty cracked black pepper. They also sell itgulp strained for use in baking.

I like it savory. Ever tried soy sauce? Looks nasty, but it tastes good. Breakstone’s and Smith’s (local) = great. Like lieu, I hate Daisy’s.

I don’t care for it much, but it’s a funny thing…there are a couple of brands, Crowley, and a local one, that are SO delicious I could eat the entire carton in one sitting as is. The rest? Wallpaper paste. I’ve had good results with so-so cottage cheese by draining it and using it in omelets and scrambled eggs.

Full fat is the best. Yum.

Oh, I thought “doctored” up meant flavored, etc., in the carton. I always put tons of fresh ground black pepper on it.

Large – plain. I have it as a snack, rather than a side order. Usually along with something salty, like pretzels or chips.

I like eating cottage cheese with sausage or swedish meatballs or creamed chipped beef, but I think these go beyond just “doctoring it up”.

If I’m eating cottage cheese, I just eat it straight.

This grosses a lot of people out, but it’s how I eat it every morning – 2/3 c. large curd cottage cheese, 1 TBS cream cheese, 1 packet splenda, 1 packet truvia, a good shake of cinnamon.

I love the dope because I never would have guessed lot of people were eating it savory-style.
I love cottage cheese and like it with a good rhubarb or blackcurrant jam, and a bit of sugar. Or, some sugar and a handful of figs. Or, just plain white sugar.

Knudsens Low Fat Cottage Cheese ONLY.

Its pretty small curd and not liquidy. Ive been eating this same cottage cheese (pink and white container) since I was young. I like it with fruit, I like it with just salt… i like it on top of stuff if I’m out of sour cream… i just like eating it!

I like large curd plain, or with vanilla and splenda instead of ice cream, or with hungarian half sharp paprika.

Small curd with fruit or jelly/jam.

I’ve always loved cottage cheese. I can eat it plain, and small curd is definitely my favorite. I think I prefer it plain, but if I have it with something it’s usually fruit, preferably pears.

I had no idea where the love for cottage cheese came from, until one year not too long before she passed on, my Mom shared with me that she frequently gave me cottage cheese and pears for lunch when I was a toddler - it was inexpensive and bonus I seemed to like it! Now when I have it, I always think of my Mom. :slight_smile: