Cotton Bed Linens (How hard could this be?)

I am making all my orders now so all the stuff I need to buy in the US will be waiting for me when I get back. Exciting stuff.

I have been all over the internet looking for cotton bed sheets. Plain white ones. None to be had, nowhere.

‘Wait!’ you say. ‘Have you tried (fill-in-the-blank)?’ you ask.

Yes I have. The problem is I sleep in a single bed. (I rarely entertain in bed over here.) Nobody seems to make cotton sheets for a single bed.

I hope someone out there can prove me wrong.

I am off to (my single bed) and hope to see some useful links when I get back to the 'puter.

Thank you all.


I found these at Linens & Things. Hope it helps.

Well I had a post and it disappeared.

Have you tried The Company Store? In the Kids section there are twin sheets but I didn’t see any plain white; but they’ve got plain blue - that might be sufficiently non-kid-like for you.

Here’s all-cotton, white, twin, also from The Company Store.

There are some at Land’s End, too:

cher3 beat me to it; Lands’ End has great cotton sheets and a bunch in twin size.

LandsEnd has supima cotton, combed cotton, and cotton flannel. White supima is on back-order, but it’s available. They also have extra-long twin sheets for dorm beds.

Brylane Home has white cotton sheets.

Martha Stewart’s five-star bedding, sold at K-Mart, is all cotton and comes in twin size. I am not sure I want to recommend it, because I had a fitted sheet fall apart after only 18 months of use.

Check out the Vermont Country Store.

So no singles? If I bought twin, I suppose I could cut them down.

Hang on. What do you consider to be a “single”? Twin is the smallest size of sheets. My kids’ twin bed mattresses measure 38" X 72" (they call them “twin” because you can fit two of them to a room). What size would a “single” be that you’d need to cut down twin size sheets?

Single = twin.

Well, the confusion over “twin” and “single” certainly would explain why Paul in Saudi was having problems finding sheets. I remember being confused over “full” and “double” beds. Turns out they are the same size.

It’s never bothered me if the sheets are bigger than the bed. Mine now is a queen, but I use king-sized sheets on it. (I’m planning on buying a king soon, and I hate to invest in sheets I won’t be using.)

Slightly off subject, but I strongly recommend you buy 400 thread-count or higher. It really is worth the extra money, in my opinion. The sheets I use now are 600 thread-count. (Now, whenever I chance to sleep on a bed with 180 or 200 thread-count, I wonder how I ever managed to get comfortable on that sandpaper.) Higher thread-count sheets also tend to be more durable, saving you money in the long run.

Oh! Twin = Single! That makes everything clear!

(Gotta love SDMB!)

Righto. The size in between “twin” (which is 39 inches wide) and “queen” is called “full” in the States, usually. The Martha Stewart bedding comes in that size too, though I must tell you: many brands market a “full/queen” size. All it means is that you will have extra tuckage in your sheets–a plus, if you ask me.

In order to fight ignorance, I suggest taking a tape measure to bed with you tonight. Please post the results in the morning.

You know I hate to admit it, but at my swingin’ bachelor pad, I have no measuring tape. Since Wednesday is my Friday (and Friday is my Sunday), I will not be in the office until Saturday, when I can recover a measure from the office.

If I remember, I will post then.

In any case, my Ikea bed is a funny European size. I bet you North Americans have a different size.

I have ordered some flat sheets and they will work fine. (I hope.)

I suggest you check the length of your twin/single, Paul.

In addition to the standard twin, there is also an extra-long twin. A standard twin is by far the more common, as far as I have seen, but the extra-longs are out there. The good news is that Bed Bath and Beyond carries all cotten, 400-count, extra long twin sheets.