CouchSurfing is for couch surfing for free; are there paid equivalents?

CouchSurfing website officially declares that they think that couch surfing ought to be free, at least in terms of no payment for rent (maybe other expenses are allowed). Great, so are there similar social networks encouraging the same thing only with the host charging a daily fee? Or is there, in practice, a big subset of hosts on CouchSurfing who are doing just that without directly opposing the lofty values of the umbrella organization?

Just a guess: hotels?

I have friends who run a Bed and Breakfast network that requires a fee to join and is directed toward a specialty sub-niche, so in effect it’s social networking where you pay to stay.

Not couches, though…

Maybe this is closer:

Couch Surfers should be compensated for Couch Potato people are. Anything less would be “Couchist”

A couch potato in NYC won a prize.

If the link doesn’t work (I forgot if you can post links on this board) just search NY Daily News for potato.


Craigslist temp/vacation rentals?

Craigslist sometimes has ads like that. I have seen people offering to let you sleep on a futon or couch in their living room for $250-400/month which (by midwest standards) isn’t cheap but this was in places like San Francisco proper or San Diego.