Getting paid to surf the Net - really?

I got this obvious spam ostensibly from a friend who signed up to get paid to surf the Net.

I won’t post the link because I don’t want to look like I’m plugging these people, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. There are a few other people doing the same thing as well.

My questions: what’s the catch? Anyone tried this? Anyone have a hack where I can get $1000 a month while my computer simulates me surfing the Net? Is that a crime or just a contract breach? :wink:


I have actually seen a check from this place. It’s a pyramid scheme, you get paid for surfing up to 20 hours, I think, but you get a percentage of all your referals. The more people you sign up, the more you get. A friend at work signed up and has received a check for $25. I refuse to participate, but it’s paying for his internet acess… so far.

Ah, thanks.

Are the different companies mutually exclusive? Or can I get paid by all of them for the same “work”?

No, you can’t just leave your computer online. If it doesn’t detect any activity for three minutes it shuts down.

Haven’t seen a check from them yet. However, you can earn some cash online. I have gotten checks from Cyberdialog, and I’ve earned several ten dollar gift certificates from other survey sites. I must fit their demographics well because I get at least two offers a month. I also do the MyPoints thing, but it takes forever to earn enough points to redeem.

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Oh! Almost forgot: yes, you could get paid by two companies at the same time. However, you have to download each company’s viewbar, and some of them are pretty big. I use AllAdvantage myself, and it’s about an inch tall, and it extends along the bottom of your screen. You have to reduce the size of the internet viewing window to make it fit.

Make Money Fast? Maybe it was just a little too close for comfort…

And that person would be you, since you probably had your refid on the URL, right? :slight_smile:

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oh much better link there nickrz… nothing I like better then porn links with unending unescapable pop up windows…

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Nickrz did not make the link to the porn site . . . CONTESTANT #3 DID.

BTW, this is another thing we do not like to see on this site.

I have removed it.

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Guess that puts an end to this discussion.

Not really ravenous.

Consider that if each member of the SDMB were to surf the SDMB while having a advertising viewbar displayed, and each member surfed the SDMB for 25 hours per month (at .50 per hour for a max of 25 hours), in one month’s time the 3,049 current members could collectively earn $38,112.50 or $457,350 annually.

Just think how much of this disposable income might then be spent on such SDMB sponsors such as Quokka…

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Colectively, sure, but per person is it really worth it? How much have you made so far?

I was kind of annoyed to get the mail from my friend. It was obviously not written by her. Multiply the annoyance by…but wait! Those people aren’t me! :wink:

Still I guess it’d be worth it for some people. I wonder if they’re gonna run out of venture funding one day. Is it really worth so much to the advertisers? Maybe one day we’ll get paid for watching TV. That’ll be the day.

Convergence. Watch for it.

Hey, hound dogs. C#3’s link to all-advantage, with his ID number, has been up and intact in MPSIMS since October 10th. You can check–it’s still there, or was as of a half-hour ago. Why let him post it in there with no response and then jump all over him here?

I got a check last month for $47, and my balance for October so far is $105. After 25 hours I turn it off (usually within the first 2 or 3 days of the month) and I’m done til the next month. All in all not a bad deal, but it has generated a huge pile of spam out there… I’ve reported many myself (the address is and you can report not only email spam but offtopic usenet and message board posts as well)… I belong to the Web Design Club on Yahoo, and we get 5 or 10 spams per week for this stuff… it’s enough to make you grab a shotgun and head for McDonalds :frowning:

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I just downloaded the viewbar from alladvantage and it does take up a lot of space. You can minimize it, but you don’t get paid. You do have to resize your page, but it gives you something to look at while the pages are loading.(I’m on a modem) After a while you just don’t look at the ads. But it looks like it will pay for my ISP, which is kinda kool! Tryin’ to get referals to so I can get more $.

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