Making money surfing online?

Can I make money surfing the web?
Do you have any links to sites that would offer this?

I have no idea.

But, if you try it and make a fortune, please come back and tell me 'cuz there’s almost nothing I’d like better than to make a fortune by surfing. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve always woundered if this was true or not.


A few years ago there were a number of sites offering this. AllAdvantage was the main one. I received a number of $200+ checks from them, but then they started seriously limiting things (no more than $10 per month, etc) so I quit doing it. Then they folded.

I think that died with the boom of the late 90’s. It’s all part of a maturing Internet.

I’m a member of MyPoints. They send you e-mails based on your interests with a link to a commercial site. If you click on the link, they give you ten points. It takes a while, but you can save up to get gift certificates. So far, I’ve gotten about $100 in Barnes & Noble gift certificates in about two years of membership. But, again, it does take a while to earn enough points to get the gift certificates. You can earn more if you’re willing to get magazine subscriptions, and the like, and sometimes they have deals where you’ll earn X number of points for every dollar spent at sites like Spiegel, or Barnes and Noble.

The way it used to work was some ad agency would pay your for running their spyware everytime you turned on your computer, after completeing a survey about your demographics. They would match your profile with the websites you went to, measure how much time you spent there, if you bought anything, etc and had a lovely, inexpensive new database on potential customer behaviour. That said, they have since figured out how to just put the spywware on your computer without your consent and find out all the demographic information through your websurfing habits. They can use it to target banner ads, pop-up ads, and even direct email ads(aka, spam) even without your profile data. I don’t think that anyone pays you for this anymore, and that is the only legitemate “pay-you-to-surf-the-web” scheme I’ve ever known about.

You know, I don’t understand why it’s not illegal for someone to put that type of software on your computer without your knowledge/consent. I mean, a cookie for my convenience is one thing, my personal info and surfing session info being sent to some server in North Carolina is quite another. Not that being illegal would stop it all, but at least there’d be recourse, theoretically.

To me, it’s not that different from someone bugging your house. I find it to be outrageous and offensive and use a program to detect it and another to clean it out of there. Bastards.


I think they would argue… that you agree to load their s/w, which you don’t have to do, at the time you’re installing whatever s/w they are piggybacking on.

Which is true to a point. But by piggybacking their s/w with other s/w, I think its still extremely sneaky.

In fact, there was some email going around awhile ago. I forget what it was. Although, not technically so, it was essentially a virus. It came as an e-card and when you agreed to the e-card download, you essentially agreed to the download and spread of the virus. (In fact, I just looked it up on snopes it was ) THAT was some sneaky stuff…