cougar58 has been banned II

What do you think those links prove? Certainly nothing to do with hanging or you owning a dog.

Have you ever taken your Jew to the vet to get neutered? Equating this to racism has always been the most ridiculous thing. Just don’t.

This banning was not justified. cougar58 did nothing to deserve a ban in any of the links posted so far.

As other’s have pointed out, there was no “wishing death” upon anybody.

Very thin.

I just want to go on record as stating that is OK by me if we ban anyone who provides a specific recipe/strategy for poisoning dogs.
Yeah, I know, pretty controversial…

(my bolding)

So close the fucking thing already.

The banning of cougar58 over this was bloody ridiculous. Her posts were always backed up by cites and it was the pro-pibble crazies who were frothing at the mouth.

Fuck me dead. :rolleyes:

Why? It’s a Pit thread. I’ve seen much, much longer.

Again, it’s the Pit - so who cares if anybody’s “frothing at the mouth?” The people who argued against cougar58 didn’t insult her or say that she should be poisoned or killed.

She didn’t say they should be poisoned or killed either. Just say you banned cougar because she was annoying. You’re allowed and it’s more reality based.

I dropped a word. She said the dogs should be poisoned and the “nutters” should be killed. Nobody on the other side of the argument did anything comparable.

They kind of are admitting that they banned her for being annoying. That whole ‘being a jerk’ shit can be stretched to death. I mean, I honestly can’t believe grown folks get bent out of shape about someone WISHING they were dead. Oh, if hopes and wishes were butterfly kisses, beggars would ride. Or some such mixed proverb.

This seems very basic to me, and no, we are not “admitting” anything. If you want to make up your own version of events, please don’t attribute it to us.

Oh, really?

You’re right, there were some insults in “Pitbulls” - a GD thread that was closed in the beginning of October. After that, all of her discussions took place in the Pit.

Cougar was doing most of the posting anti=pit bull because the rest of us were in awe of his ability to marshal the facts and present them coherently. We didn’t post much more than to agree with him, because he was doing such a great job all by himself.

What’s all this ‘her’ stuff?

pit bulls are being banned and neutered all over the country, especially where people have information and can understand that our desire to live without fear of pit bulls trumps your desire to have dangerous animals in your household who are disproportionately responsible for deaths and maimings, and, probably, bites requiring an emergency room or clinic visit. Pit bull supporters here are constantly saying that the fault is with the bad owners…I say it is a combination of bad owners and dangerous dogs, a combination no one seems able to eliminate short of banning the dogs.

I was under the impression cougar58 was female, hence “her.” I might’ve ben wrong. Anyway, I will remind everybody that ATMB is not the right place to re-argue the issue of Pit bull safety, regulations, and whatever else. The Pit thread is still open, and if anyone wants to try discussing the issue calmly, they can start a thread in GD. If people start debating it here, the thread will be closed.

Oh, my mistake. I got that ‘her’ stuff from you guys in this thread.



How can the pro-pitbull posters say on one hand that the dogs are perfectly safe and controllable, but on the other hand, if someone says to attach the dog’s leash to their neck, he’s telling them to go kill themselves?

Why would such an action be suicide? I thought the dogs are safe and controllable? According to the pro-pitbull posters themselves?

I agree that cougar58 could be seen as annoying to some (especially the pro-pitbull posters, who obviously wished he would just go away and now have gotten their wish). But didn’t most of his posts simply take place in his own pit thread?

This does not look like fighting ignorance at all.

Well, they could start by saying it outside of ATMB.

Last chance: don’t debate this in ATMB or I will close this thread.

That’s not so obvious to me. If cougar58’s other posts in that Pit thread had been reported I doubt any action would have been taken; I didn’t see any other rules violations.

Yes. It had been several months since cougar58 posted in any other thread.

I’m not debating whether or not pit bulls are controllable and safe.

What I’m saying is that you can’t:

a) say that pit bulls (or elephants, or snipes or anything) are perfectly safe and controllable.

But then

b) when a poster says “attach its leash to your neck” run to the mods with “that poster is telling me to kill myself!”

It’s an either/or thing: Either the thing is safe and you can control it, just like you’ve said or the person who is suggesting you attach its leash to your neck is telling you to go hang yourself!

If the dog’s perfectly safe and controllable, then you won’t get hanged, right? So where is the death wish:confused::confused::confused:

We can be pretty sure that cougar58 didn’t actually mean for pro-pitbull posters to literally go hang themselves - that’s something that was parsed (some might cobbled together) out of his posts. It wasn’t said, it was heard.

How can the complainants hold simultaneously that a pitbull (or elephant or whatever) is safe and controllable, but that a poster suggesting they tie its leash to their neck is suggesting they hang themselves? Which is it? Is the animal safe or controllable or is tying the leash to your neck an act of suicide? Cause it can’t be both…

Doesn’t that seem a little strange to anyone? Usually when that happens on a general discussion site it’s a sign that a regular member is obsessing over something and creates a secondary - expendable - ID to rattle on about it.

Not wanting to cast aspersions here as a newcomer, may that be possible?

And if it’s happening, wouldn’t that be an abuse of the site given the ‘Don’t be a jerk’ rule?

Newcomer is right. This is your one and only post on this board so far…who the hell are you again?