Fleming, fermented roadkill skunks have more worth.

You disgusting piece of shit. Your post actually made me nauseous. Fuck you! I can’t even think straight, I am so disgusted and angry at you. Luckily for the board, I can’t imagine someone with your deficiencys staying long, the discourse is way over your fucking head. The dogs back on the ranch never rolled in anything as nasty as you, and there is a lot of fucking nasty things on the ranch. I am not about to violate board rules to say what I think, so just fuck off!

Sounds like a really, really, lame attempt at humor.

All I have to say is, Jeeves, don’t be so polite to him! Of all the posts I’ve ever gotten upset with on this board, that one was the lowest I can imagine.

Wow, what an asshole.

Unfortunately people like that are a dime a dozen on some popular Message Boards.

… and here I thought that was a typo in the thread title…

I doubt the comment was serious. Even if it was, you’ll always have the option to NOT belly punch her. Aren’t options great?

I doubt anyone thought for one second that it was serious. But it is still the height of bad taste.

[QUOTE=ParentalAren’t options great?[/QUOTE]

Especially the option not to post stupid and offensive remarks which any idiot would know would be extremely hurtful to Jeeves.

DNFT Insurgents. There seems to be things going on around here lately that are bordering on board wars. I can’t have been the only one to notice it either because I’m almost always oblivious to these types of things.

In the past month I’ve probably seen more blatantly obvious socks and trolls here than in my ~57 prior months as a member.

Murder isn’t funny. Our community can ignore this and somethings wither away when ignored.

Man you people are thick sometimes. Does anyone know what Do Not Feed the Trolls means anymore?

Don’t sweat it. It’ll be banned soon.

I mean really, why do people not think before they post? One could blame it on coincidence, but that is an easy scapegoat. On the other hand, when a goat rams its dense head repeatedly into a brick wall, its boardicide.


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