Could a chimpanzee eat a typical omnivorous human diet and be perfectly healthy?

They are such close relatives to man are, chimpanzee and human nutritional needs more of less identical?

humans can’t even eat a typical human diet and be perfectly healthy.

I think the major fuck off of this question, is that this assumes that a chimpanzee doesn’t have an omnivorous diet, and a long history of it. Chimps are omnivorous in most populations…including hunted meat. They are starting just like we did, surviving as our evolutionary equals. Cannabilism isn’t an oft cited evolutionary strategy, but we the apes are as bad as sharks when it comes to eating our young and weak… or just Other.

Apes can live prehistoric standard lifetimes 30 -60, is it our brethren mission to bring them along evolutioarily… treat them and medicate them to our equal… in effect, affect their evolution? Do we owe anything to our speciation?. Is it racial, or genetic?

Assuming you have a fairly healthful diet for a human, it will be fairly healthful for a chimp.