Could any of Plato's Dialogues be produced as commercially successful plays/movies?

They’re written as plays, after all. Maybe not what Plato would have recognized as a play – no chorus – but certainly what we would recognize as a play. But, would a play or movie where the characters just sit or stand around and discuss philosophy sell enough tickets to break even – even with the low production costs that implies?

My Dinner with Andre managed.

But I don’t think modern audiences would want to sit still for it.

Maybe The Apology if you make it a courtroom drama with his trial and sentencing and death

Parts of the play Socrates on Trial are, IIRC taken from the dialogues. I suspect thats as closr as youd get though. Just having a few actors plow through an entire dialogue verbatim would be pretty dry

I of course, am still waiting for a rousing six-hour epic to be made from Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

It’s been done:


At least the Symposium has a funny bit of business with drunken Alkibiades. Maybe something could be done with that.

I see what you did there. (Hoping to be cast in a leading role?)