Could I have buttsex without knowing it?

Good morning dopers,

Allow me to prelude my question:
A long long time ago, in a city far far away…


It is a period of anal war. Rebel beer mugs, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Alcoholic Empire.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret knowledge about the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Home Star, an armored building with enough beddding to put an entire family to sleep.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister hangover, Autolycus stumbles home aboard his drunkship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save his anus and restore heterosexuality to the galaxy…

The story actually goes thusly. A year ago in Boston, I was drinking at The Kels, a local bar. I got royally shitfaced. My friends left early, leaving me alone with my inebriation. After the bar closed, I staggered home, but alas, I did not successfully complete the return voyage. Instead of my apartment near Boston College, I woke up in the back of a black, covered truck bed in the underground parking lot beneath Boston Common. From leaving the bar to waking up, I remember nothing what-so-ever. Upon waking, I was fully clothed, nothing was stolen, and nothing was sore.

Some of my friends were worried that I was possibly raped; however, my main argument against that is the utter lack of physical evidence. If I was raped by a man, I should have been sore right? Right?

This brings us to my long-awaited question: Could I have buttsex without knowing it or feeling it afterwards? In my drunken stupor, is it possible that I willingly or unwillingly took it up the poop chute from amother man? Say it 'aint so!

You are my only hope,

I’m gonna guess that unless you frequently have anal, you would notice something amiss in the morning. This is only a guess - I’m just posting to say that your OP is both brilliant and disturbing.

Unless you are otherwise into anal play (with your anus) there would have been, at a minimum, some bleeding from your anus. Unless this mysterious rapist used plenty of lube, was very gentle and took his time as well as having a thin penis.

I have stuck several large objects inside… there… before and even caused a little bleeding upon occassion, but it was far from a regular occurrence. Does that count?

Oh god :smack:

Oh god is right. Um…wow. What the hell are you talking about?

FWIW - I know anecdotes aren’t worth much in GQ:

A friend of mine was slipped some kind of drug and raped in the manner you allude to.

She does not remember it happening at all, but she certainly and unmistakably felt it the next morning.

A spoon, a ladel, a tootbrush, and the handle of a vibrating razor. Of course not all at once… It was a phase, honest!

Let’s try to stick to the OP though. We can discuss my sexual practices elsewhere :eek: (I’m straight)

Oh. Well. Without getting into much more graphic detail if you’ve never had a penis in your anus before I’m pretty sure you’d know afterwards.

A spoon? A toothbrush? You didn’t by chance work in housekeeping at a hotel, did you?

Location: Orlando Oh dear…

Seriously, consider the diameter of those things. I’m assuming they all went in handle-first. Unless they were very large handles or you’re talking about someone with a very small penis, it just doesn’t compute.

[Mind bleach]

" a ladel,"

[/Mind bleach]

I wonder if **Autolycus **will remember to log off next time.

Only if you’re the Invisible Man.

You’d know.

Even assuming you, somehow, didn’t have a post-penetrative feeling, there would be other physical evidence left by such activity. Anal sex is messy, even if you use condoms, especially if you didn’t do any preparation beforehand. So for you to not know you’d have to use dildoes or have anal sex to the degree that you’re able to consciously relax your inner sphincter muscles and then the other person would have to get you to go along with it while you were in your drunken state. Then, perhaps an enema to reduce the amount of fecal matter, and after the act a shower to get rid of any santorum.

There’s no anatomical difference in an anus before and after penetration like there is with a virginal vagina unless you’ve done something very, very wrong, though. Awareness of the sphincter muscles, lube and lots of practice have more to do with making it comfortable than how big prior penetrations have been. Since without consent it’d be a decidedly unpleasant experience, I just can’t imagine it happening without someone knowing.

I’m pretty sure you’d know it if they got you in the butt but, you know, you have other holes in your body. They might not even have had to remove your clothes.

Oh no, not his ear! :eek:

I think you would “sense a disturbance in the Force”, if you catch my drift.

There’s a banana in the tailpipe!

Must read. I actually think the OP might have wrote this. :wink:

Soup’s on!

Regarding the ladel and spoon, I washed both in boiling water after the fun was over. I still use them for cooking.

In any case, I’m glad to know that the general consenses in this thread is that I was not raped. Huzzah for my anus!