Could the right makeup make this young woman more attractive or not?

This person is Abigail Fisher and is in the newsas part of a SCOTUS case regarding affirmative action.

The case aside for the moment she intrigues me because she has gorgeous hair like golden red sunshine but her face is … (IMO) not all that attractive. But why?

I was trying to parse out what the specific off putting part of he face was and I could not do it. She’s not overweightand has a fairly attractive figure. There’s nothing specific about her face that is discreetly “wrong” it just does not seem to come together.

Is this some trick of the light or fixable by makeup?

Opinions differ, and all that, but to me, her problem is she’s a redhead. I haven’t liked redheads since a girl named Donna in my second grade class caused problems. Horrible problems. Terrible problems. But the thread’s not about me.

I don’t care for her skin tone, and her nose is too broad.

If she weren’t a redhead, and had the same facial features, I’d say it’d be fixable with makeup (she also wouldn’t have the redhead’s pale skin tone). But she’s a redhead, so I say no.

Her features look not masculine but maleish if that makes any sense.

ETA: First link. In the second link it’s not as evident.

Clearly she is not beautiful INSIDE, so the fairies came to her in the wee hours of the night and made her face plain. No makeup gonna fix that.

If she drops this stupid case and atones for her actions, the fairies will return and shower her with gold dust.

She’s not like a troll that crawled out of the garbage but she has a face like a little rascal or something. Make-up would probably help, that and tweezing her eyebrows.

Google some makeup before and after pics and you will see it makes a huge difference that a woman would probably easily see through, but probably not the average guy. The differences can be striking.

In a random poll, the subject received a highly favorable rating from this participant.

As I look at the pictures, she seems to have no chin.

She looks 12.

She looks better in the second picture from this article:

Even I find this question absurdly shallow, ridiculously sexist, and disturbingly objectifying.

So just talking about someone’s appearance is sexist? Shallow sure, but lots of things are shallow.

She definitely has the Peppermint Patty look.

I don’t think she’s hideous. But she’s plain. Make-up is good for fixing “plain”. Also, she hasn’t mastered the art of the photogenic smile.

I agree! You need to attach a poll to quantify the outrage properly.

She’s got a face for radio.

Sorry, but I had the same reaction as Skald. People don’t talk this way about men. She’s not trying to look attractive for you, nor should she be.

I honestly cannot recall ever seeing a thread like this with a man as its target (‘hey, look at this guy, how could he improve his appearance? Let’s discuss!’). The closest I can get to that is threads in Café Society about a male celebrity whose appearance has suddenly taken a nosedive and people are speculating about his health/possible substance abuse. No one’s offering makeup tips there.

Well, we did do this thread:

This guy’s face creeps me the hell out

Is it better or worse that folks mock John Boehner for his orange complexion without suggesting that he should maybe apply a light foundation of pancake makeup?

I agree, the thread is rather sexist - isn’t this objectification again?

If you had set me up on a blind date with someone who looked like her, I’d be pleased with her appearance. I don’t think I’d get along terribly well with this particular person, based on the limited amount I know about her.

I like of like basic & ungilded / unadorned.