Could this be made a sticky?

What - you mean you guys don’t live and breath to work on the Straight Dope? Are you trying to imply that (gasp) you have lives?!?

Hey, FatBaldGuy - want to do my homework for me? I remember where the “penis ensued” came from (anastaseon, I believe), but I have no idea about the others.

Please note, this is intended as a one page summary. I didn’t intend to provide links to the original usages or wonderful usages or absurd misuses or nothin’. Just a glossary. Those who want more can pony up the membership fee and search.

And, gee, ZenBeam, you must need new glasses… IMHO was certainly included in that list. ::: Administrator pauses, and flexes his mighty powers to bend the very fabric – the trouser leg, if you will – of the time continuum :::

[sub]OK, seriously, I hadn’t included it because it was the name of a forum, but your comment made me rethink, so I added it and MPSIMS, too. Thanks for the suggestion. [/sub]

Did you change your mind, or am I just not speaking the same English (or am I a moron, it is late)?

I think Dex wants to see the links, so he can confirm actual usage and paraphrase as necessary. Not necessarily to incorporate them.

As a minor nitpick, the Winter of our Missed Content and the Diaspora are not exactly synonymous, though they’re related. The Winter refers to that stretch of time from which no posts remain. The Diaspora refers to our brief stay, towards the end of that time period, at the BBBoy site while Jerry and the techs (upon them be peace) got the main boards back up again.

I could write up a complete list myself.

If I was prepared.

I don’t really care about links per se. If there’s some other expression you want included (like, “when come back, bring pie”), I want to find where someone has already defined the term, so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Sorry if I was unclear.