How about a sticky for "What does TMI mean?"

That’s got to be one of the most frequent recurring questions here, with “YMMV” near the top as well. I know that buried deep in one of the FAQs is a link to what all these shorthands mean, but, well, it’s buried. Along with the usual netspeak, we can probably add in SDMB-specific abbreviations, such as “SDSAB.” This can be done either as a link to one of the many sites that explain netspeak or in the form of a thread where Dopers add in their own contributions.

Along the same lines, perhaps a sticky of the “greatest hits” would probably be a good idea as well. Once in a while I’d notice surges of “Does a duck’s quack echo?” “Does 0.999~ = 1?” and a handful of other topics, and it’ll probably save everyone a lot of effort if these questions can be directed to a sticky.

It’s so much more fun to welcome folks making the transition from newbies to addicts, when they ask the ritual initiation questions…

Yeah, it’s buried in all that stuff we’d appreciate you reading. All of it, please.

your humble TubaDiva