What does TMI stand for?

Is it “Totally MisInterpreted”?

Or have I TMI’d the true meaning.

He he he. Thats a paradox. (I think).

Too Much Information

often meaning, potential gross out ahead.

This will probably get moved to the About This Message Board forum soon, where I posted an answer to another “what does this abbreviation mean?” question. Here is my answer again…

For All Features Great And Small / All Things Bright And Beautiful, check out Arnold Winkelried’s threads in ATMB: FAQ - technical issues and FAQ - Guidelines for posting at the SDMB.

…for abbreviation explanations, check out this SDMB thread.
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To me it means “You must read this thread, even if you wouldn’t otherwise.”

Yes - to me it means HUGE VIEW RATE.

I can see it getting abused for higher hit rates: “Ultra-academic obscure trigonmetric tangential mathematics Q (TMI)”


I take it you’ve never been a 14 year old white girl

This is better suited to ATMB, but since it’s been answered (thanks, Algernon), I’ll just close it.

Unless some other mod moves it.

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