What is TMI?

I keep seeing the acronym “TMI” being used, apparently I missed the thread where it was born, and I can’t make heads or tails of it just from context. What does it mean?

(since this seems to be a SDMB-specific question, I figured it belongs in ATMB rather than GQ)

IMHO, IIRC, TMI = Too Much Information

it means Too Much Information used when someone tells you something about them selves or others like what color it was when they went to the restroom ect

In the same vein, What does “IIRC”, or something like that, mean?

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly

It was used in the Simpsons episode guest starring Lisa Kudrow as the little rich girl with a cell phone. Also, I think there might’ve been a Seinfeld episode about it and I’ve heard several standup comedians use it.

OK, thanks guys, I got it. Mods, might as well close this thread out, question answered.

“You’re listening to WTMI- Too Much Information, All The Time! Let me describe for you this infectious cut on my big toe…”
Thread closed, at request of OP.