What does TMI stand for?

Also, if you have any other abbreviations that are frequently used on these boards, can you define them too? Thanks

Too Much Information.

IMHO(In my humble opinion), this belongs in the About the Message Board forum, where you fill find many answers to your question.

Welcome to the Boards.

Three Mile Island.

Mahaloth you just gave away two much information!

Something about a toothbrush that you really don’t want to know. :wink:

Two More Inches

Tony Montana Institute

Tickle My Innards

(or was that TMI?)

Here’s a site with a bunch of acronyms explained:


It doesn’t have TMI, though, and that one actually bothered me for a while, until I finally figured out it was Too much Information.

I am not letting you go until you explain your sig richardb

Acronym finders are our friends, ecugrad. That’s how I found out (after many months) what a WAG was. :slight_smile:

Since this question is asked and answered and because there are extensive threads on this subject in ATMB (hah!), I’m going to close this thread.

ATMB = About This Message Board.