Could this be made a sticky?

Inspired by this thread, where the question about the origin of “1920’s Style Death Rays” was brought up (again).

We had a thread here in ATMB called A Glossary of SDMB Terms, which has long since dropped off the radar. Couldn’t/shouldn’t this thread become a sticky on this forum so that it could be referenced by guests and other new posters who don’t know where to look for it?

Your wish is my command. Well, no, actually not, but I thought this was a good idea. Only I done it a li’l different than what you suggested: Beginner’s Guide to Glossary of Terms

C K, you have a hiccup on the terms page:

I’m assuming the bolded HEREs are supposed to be links; they aren’t.

You also misspelled boards in Winter of our missed content.

Nice job, Dex.

But whaddya mean, goats refer to unwholesome sexual practices? They are an important part of our initiation rituals!

No mention of “I burning your dog”?
Or “I’m masturbating like a mother fuck”?
And, although I don’t see it too much anymore, how about “The Invisible Pink Unicorn”?

Of course you don’t see it – it’s invisible. :rolleyes:

Perhaps the explanation of the 1920’s Style Death Rays might link to the original thread, and this could similarly be done for other examples, like perhaps the Marianas Trench reference.

The sticky list is great, and I like how it stays focused.

Nonetheless, I would propose adding one more item. Although it falls under common net terminology, it comes up with enough frequency that it would be handy to have a link to the definitive definition.

Troll – Somebody who is posting just to be confrontational or to raise hackles. The internet usage of the term and how to deal with them are discussed in this Staff Report. It is against SDMB rules to accuse another poster of being a troll; please report suspected trolls to a moderator or administrator instead.

Also, it’s nitpicky, but there should be a blank line before “To Pit”.

The notion of the IPU predates the SDMB.

It would be nice to have a reference to a more generic internet glossary. I’ll see if I can find something.

Bad move, Dex. There can be no in jokes without outs.

Thanks for all the suggestions, which I’ve incorporated.

Using OP to refer to the author of the OP is incorrect? I see that as a lexicographer, you are a prescriptivist rather than descriptivist. :dubious:

I see by your outfit that you are a lexicographer.

You mis-spelled ARCHIVES. :smiley:

No fucko off? No penis ensuing? No when coming back, bring pie? No all your <blank> are belong to us? Especially no 18 inch ice-blue double-headed jelly dildo? I’m marginally disappointed.

Good call. You must add the 18"DHIBJD :eek: :eek: !!

Um, how much work do you think I’m going to do on this?

Give me the links to the place where someone has defined these things (as did Fat Bald Guy in the OP) and I’ll be glad to incorporate. I went to that thread, I picked up everything that was defined or well described there and added the SDSAB, and that’s what I did.

I especially like how you say you’re excluding common abbreviations, while including a few without us even noticing. Smooth!

If only you could have slipped in IMHO without it being too obvious. :slight_smile:

The original “1920’s style death ray” thread is here.