Could this house be real?

This image is being passed around on Facebook, identified only as “House on the rock (Malaysia)”. A google search for “House on the rock Malaysia” brings up no informative links about this alleged house, and a google image search returns only two relevant hits: (1) from Facebook, and (2) from House Architecture & Design, which is possibly where the FB photo was taken from. Looking at some of their other “most unique [sic] and funniest houses”, especially “On the Ground Rock House” and “Stone House in Portuguese [sic]” doesn’t fill me with confidence about the validity of images on the site.

But back to the Malaysia house… the “rock” simply looks way too heavy for the two virtual toothpicks supporting it, and it seems crazy that anyone would risk building such an elaborate structure on such a precarious foundation.

Real or Memorex?

[edited] It looks like their “Most unique and funniest houses in the world” is part of a series. Part one, part two, part three.

There are some islands that look just like that(well not the carving) in the chain of micro islands off Trinidad&Tobago, at least some of which seem to be inhabited. I saw them from a boat heading elsewhere but there are structure on some, one of these islands had a cave in the side and a boat was visible inside it.


“could it be real?” maybe.
“IS this real?” no.

the monolith is real. the house isn’t.

Damn shame that every picture must now be assumed guilty until proven innocent. At least every interesting picture.

I could tell, just from teh pixuls.

The mystery is solved but I just wanted to point out that you can do a reverse image search at the tineye website if text search terms aren’t working for you.

OK I just installed the tineye plugin for Chrome but all it does it bring up dozens of blog sites where people have posted the image along with “hey get a load of this fantastic house!”

If it helps, and to restore your faith in pictures on the Internet. There really is a ship called Titan Uranus.

I’m not on my computer to see if it’s helpful for this case in particular, but sometimes if there are too many hits I’ll sort by size - often the biggest is the original or will have a link to the original.

They ought to change the name of that planet to Urectum so that people will stop making childish jokes like that.

The island is James Bond Island, or Koh Tapu, in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.

This is Photoshopped, too.

You can just search by image on Google. Just go to Google and click on the “Image” tab on top, then you will see a little camera icon in the search box. Click on it and it will prompt you to enter the image url, or upload your own image, and it will then return all the places that Google has indexed that image on the internet.

There is a yacht named Perseverance II. When I saw her, I laughed like an idiot, imagining the owner of Perseverance finding some minor flaw in the boat and giving up immediately.:smiley:

This pic came from a user submission for a contest on a website called The edits are very cool, and in some cases very convincing. Here is the link to the contest that particular “photo” was in – bizarchitecture
I should note that the FaceBook page where I saw this is notorious for posting this kind of ‘is it real?’ stuff. Well, the rock is real… I am almost positive that it’s James Bond Island in Thailand. Could be wrong. :slight_smile:

Thanks. That may come in handy some time.

But why-oh-why is it that Google insist on hiding away their more advanced search features, giving them no publicity, and making help pages and the like (when they even exist) hard to find? And, of course, now I know about this feature it will probably disappear, or be replaced by something else, accessed differently, by the time I next actually want to use it. I think the Evil Empire just likes fucking with us now.

They’re forcing you to search!

Looks to me like whoever did the Photoshopping with that pic was influenced a bit by surrealist George Grie’s work.

The Titan Uranus is used to ship goods from Pen Island.

Well, another way to both know about it and get there is if you do a regular Google search for an online image’s direct URL. (.jpg) When you do that, it says at the top of the results: