Things you googled in innocence?

“strange fantasy” I was looking for fantasy novels in the genre where rather than Lord Of The Rings shit is just odd, ended up going duh at the endless sexual results:smack:

Not Google, but the website for Dick’s Sporting Goods is not, in fact, dicks . com.

I needed pens made with my business name on them. During telephone discussion, a friend told me he got a great deal at pen island dot com. So, I typed pen island dot com into my browser.

I was gotcha’d.

I searched for “CBT”, cognitive behavioural therapy.
Half the results were on “Male-Chicken&Ball Torture”

I don’t know how much they paid (I’m guessing a lot), but it is now.

When the Internet was new my sister went looking for when she wanted to look up a jacket they had…

at a family party…

in front of our grandma…


I needed a stock photo of some cream pie once, so I fired up Google Images and…oh my.

I got married in the artic circle, and my mother wanted a furr muff (to keep her hands warm).
Thankfully I didn’t google from work - I wasn’t that naive :slight_smile:

Once at work I was trying to get some help with a Latin phrase, completely forgetting that the conjunction cum is not a word you should search for at work.

That URL has once existed and it was, indeed, about pens. I do, however, think there was a joke involved as well.

I have two which still make me wince

about 10 years ago I was trying describe Cleo Laine’s singing and googled " “scat” in my innocence :eek:

And just this year, in a conversation at work about Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty a debate broke out about whether Black Beauty was male or female so I googled What sex was black beauty

Of course using sex and black beauty in the same search meant that Anna Sewell wasn’t anywhere near the first page of results :smiley:

I understand: roosters playing soccer. That’s awful; it’s bad enough when humans do it.

I once googled my first name and found out that it’s practically a fetish. Who knew there’d be so many… Jennifer sites.

Well, at least at that time pen island = penis land.

I once found an odd pile of poop in my yard, and tried to Google it to see if it was bear scat. Don’t Google scat. Really. Just don’t.

A Google image search for Parus major is best done using the Latin name rather than the English one.

Way back in the infant stage of the internet when public schools hadn’t yet put firewalls and such in place, a teacher told me that her class was doing research on woodland creatures and that she (nor many of her students) had no idea that the innocent word “beaver” had a secret, prurient alternate interpretation.

My accidental Google was because I didn’t know what a word meant. A work friend of mine was looking for a new iPod case. I found one online that I thought was really cool. It was case that covered the edges and I thought it looked like a man was trying to escape from the inside of the case. Pretty Cool Huh? um… when you send your friend a picture of an goatse iPod cover it gets a mixed reaction.

This is pretty obscure…but for my work (geography research on indigenous land tenure in Latin America), there were several months when I often had to use a Mexican government database website called “PHINA”. Every time I googled it, I was directed instead to images of a very hot model-actress. (Safe for work, but not by much!).


LaTeX is a computer document preparation system, basically a powerful alternative to a word processor. I googled the term often which probably left me being profiled as a dirty old man by Google.

I just made an experiment, all for the sake of knowledge of course, and found that if you search for a singular specimen you will only get pictures of birds of the feathered persuasion, whether a filtered search or not. If you search for plural, however, the result will be totally different.