Stumbling across stuff you put on the internet, years later.

A decade or so ago, I happened to come across a label for an Indian product for HE-MAN FINE WHISKY, and it caught me as funny enough that I scanned it in and put it on my cheesy website. I also posted it here, in a thread that sank like a stone.

I was surprised to stumble across the image again tonight, in an image-blog dedicated to that sort of thing. It’s definitely from the scan I made in 2001 - apart from a super low colour depth (from my bandwidth-pinching .gif, I recognize the crease in it. Don’t really mind seeing it watermarked on someone’s site, because I had assumed it vanished forever, and it’s kind of neat that’s it’s been floating around for so long.
Ever recognize something you put out there, ages later?

I once posted a pic of the Best Cat in the World cramming himself into a box. BCitW died about 5 years ago. Last month, someone forwarded me pics of cats in boxes and BCitW was there.

I cried.

I put up a picture of my then kitten on a website devoted to kittens. I saw it again the other day on some other website devoted to putting up hundreds of thumbnail pics of kittens into a meta kitten pic.

That kitten is now 12 years old.

Oh, and wikipedia uses a historic image I scanned years ago.

I wrote some FAQs for some incredibly obscure video game systems over a decade ago, posted to Usenet. I’ve run across the FAQ on websites occasionally ever since then, and have seen large portions used on commercial sites and in at least one book.

I keep coming across stuff I did years ago which wasn’t posted to the web (it was pre-internet) and in some cases only showed to a very few people.

i guess I shouldn’t be surprised that newspaper pieces I did for the student newspaper showed up on-line. I’m more surprised that a private history I wrote of a group I was in did. And that someone I casually mentioned in it found himself there through a vanity search.

All of which shows you should be careful what you write. Take Will Rogers’ advice and live your life so you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip. And that goes treble in these days of internet connectivity.

Hey, link to some of these things, folks. I want to see these FAQS, that historic image on Wikipedia, and that kitten picture!

I wrote this review for Ultima IX nearly 9 years ago. Had no idea it would still be online now. It’s far from being the oldest thing on the internet from me, but it does make me smile to see I still agree with pretty much everything I said in it.

Not really on the Internet but close. I was once given permission by the author to spread out a text about the Sex Life of the Scottish Male, so I sent it to a friend of mine in London and many years later I got it back on a mailing list (posted from Scotland).

If anyone is interested in the subject: here it is (a wee warning, it might not be suitable for people of a pure mind lacking a sense of humour).

This site was my first foray into web publishing as a high school kid, back in 1996-1997. I can’t believe it is still up.

Back when I was first starting out doing voice overs, I was working at the Air Force Academy and voiced some medical education multimedia programs. I ran across them a few months ago…Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sidney the Colonoscope!

Yes, lots of it. The most shocking are random things that I wonder enough about to look up on google. More than once or twice, I have found what I wanted to know written in a way that I can use. Perfect! It sometimes takes a while to realize it is because I am the one that wrote it years before :o

In my first year at university (1994-95), soon after I first got onto the web, I contributed to a fan site for a band, including transcribing some lyrics.

Even today I can still find some of those lyrics floating around the web, with “transcribed by [Colophon]” at the end. Kind of cool.

I have stumbled across a couple of terms I invented: Figmata and Paintergeist. Of course, this isn’t that surprising since I encountered the terms on Mini-painting sites and I invented them on a mini-painting site.

In 1986 I submitted this recipe for African vegetable stew to the Usenet cookbook. Many years later I was contacted by someone who wanted permission to put the recipe in an old-fashioned paper cookbook. Some Googling revealed that the recipe has been copied all over the web. In one case it was part of the curriculum for an African studies program.

Someone stole my “Take Me to the Buffet” parody of the eagles and stuck it on youtube.
Someone also put it on the Sims resources.
I hope no one is making money on it.

Every now and then I’ll read a thread here, and as I’m reading, I’ll form a strong opinion. I figure that once I’ve read every post, I’ll state my strong opinion. But halfway through, I’ll see that someone else posted something very similar. Really similar. And then I’ll look to see who posted it. Invariably it was me, and I was reading a zombie thread.

The syllabus and handouts for a class I taught in 1999 are still up.

Happens to me all the time, too.

Aminet still has files I put there in 1998.