Could this work for loosing weight? Is it possible?

I am wondering, could this work to loose weight fast for people who dont have time to excercise or are too lazy? Its called fast Abs and here is the link:

It uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation to loose weight and make muscles. Please check out the link to see what I am talking about. Thanks.

This is one of those questions that comes up every few days. If my connection were faster, I’d even point you to some of the previous threads discussing it. The short answer is that this doesn’t work. Use the “search” button at the right-hand corner of the page to find more detail.

I don’t know… what do you want to loose weight from? I mean, barbells usually have screw on or spring-type securers, so that’s pretty idiot proof… :smiley:

Ok thanks

I’ve never done much research on these types of things but I do know that Bruce Lee used something similar. I doubt he would use it for very long if it didn’t work. Do some web searching, I’m sure the answers are out there.

you know, you’d be better off initiating thermogenesis by sitting only in your underwear in a room with the temperature at 60 degrees or lower. This burns body fat only, and was designed to keep the caveman warm when lots of clothing wasn’t available.

I’ll close this thread because the question has been asked several times in the last few months. One example:

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