Could we get a movement underway to change the spelling of "Yarmulke"

I always thought the word “Yarmulke” is totally ridiculous. Never in my life have I ever heard anyone actually pronounce it the way it’s spelled. It’s a yamaka. Can we just have the spelling changed to “yamaka”? Please? Please please please?

Just call it a kipa. It means the same thing and the spelling is no problem.


It’s a kippah. Who says yamaka besides Aunt Gertrude?

If we get this changed, I won’t rest until knife, worcester, gloucester, and through/tough are phonetic, as well.

Don’t know where you live, but where I’ve lived, I don’t recall that I’ve ever heard it referred to as a “kippah”. It’s always been either “yarmulke” or “that beanie thing Jews wear”.

I’ve always pronounced it the way it’s spelled . . . well, except for the time I lived in NYC.

What about colonel

I say kippah or yarmulkah. I don’t know where the r comes from and yet there it always is.

Colonel Yarmulke Carlisle?

So do we spell it tomaytoe or tomahtoe?

I’ve never heard a Jewish person say “yarmulke.” They all say “kippah.”

How 'bout Adam Sandler in The Hanukkah Song?

Phonetic for whom, though? And Gloucester makes a great erudite shibboleth.


The movement has a hashtag and is gaining momentum.

Half my family is Jewish. As long as I can remember they all said yarmulke. In fact, I probably never heard it referred to as a kippah until I was about 40, and when I heard the word I had to look it up because I didn’t know what it meant.

Um… regional differences?

I’ve heard both equally.


I am in favor of the spelling change, and also in favor of popularizing the use of kippah amongst the gentiles.

I think yarmulke is Yiddish and kippah is Hebrew.

hey…if you can’t even pronounce yarmulke, what are you gonna call your phylacteries?

In my experience, Jews who actually use their ritual items like to refer to them by Hebrew words, which they understand.
Jews who don’t use 'em, call em by the complicated English words that nobody can understand. :slight_smile:

The Jewish people whom I know pronounce it exactly as it’s spelt.