Saying "jewlery" instead of jewelry

What’s up with this. Just saw another TC commercial where the announcer clearly said “all jewlery” 20% off.

It’s just a mispronunciation, like “nukular” for “nuclear”. If it bothers you, stop watching infomercials. :smiley:

Like Calvary for cavalry. One is a hill on which Christ was crucified, the other is a bunch of soldiers on horsies.

Add realator instead of realtor.What really bugs me is the jeweler or realtor mispronouncing the words-as a lot of them do.

If they can’t even pronounce their professions/goods how good could they be in them.I think of this every time I hear Bush try to make a speech.He hurts my ears,as well as my sensibilities

All of those bug the shiite out of me too. Makes me wanna throttle people:mad:

It may be that people say JOO-luh-ree instead of JOO-ul-ree because of the liquid consonants l and r. They are pronounced by the tongue touching parts of the lower mouth that are close together and so it’s something of a tongue-twister.

Jewellery. Jew - ell - er - ee. Even if you are really slack, it’s jew - ell - ree.

Shit, next you guys are going to tell me it’s al - um - in - um.

Or cor - fee.

So how do you Merkins pronounce “controversy”?


Heh. An Aussie lecturing the world on pronunciation?

Nobody mention “debut” or “maroon”!

My co-worked said its because most jewelry stores are owned by Jews, hence “jew-lery”. I told him he was a racist pig. :o)

Since when are Jews a race? He’s just a bigot.

At the mall across from where I work, a jeweler had a cheap vinyl lettered sign outside of his establishment that said “jewelery”. I told him his sign was misspelled. He said, “Oh. Uh… It attracts attention!” :rolleyes:

I blame our education system.

In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter how people pronounce things? *But it still bugs the crap out of me.[/sub] :smiley:

Another example - diamond.

I was raised to pronounce this as die-mond, with the ‘a’ either not pronounced, or barely pronounced.

The jeweler’s ads I hear (think ‘The Shane Company’) all seem to pronounce it di-a-mond. Just hits my ear as wrong (or at least as snobbish), though I know it probably isn’t.

most racist ideologies stress that “The Jews” are a “Race”.

FWIW I always believed that the “joolery” pronunciation made the most sense because it meant jewels made and sold by a jeweller…hence jewellery (“joolery”). So this one doesn’t get in my craw the way some of the other mispronunciations mentioned here do.

I have a confession. Out of my mouth, it winds up with two sylllables, not three, while you guys seem to be debating which set of three syllables applies. That’s “jewl - ree”. Period. And the guy who sells the stuff has two syllables also - “jewl - er”.

At least I don’t call that guy who sells houses a “riltor”.

Another one I don’t do - that thing you throw on the sofa, or those funny looking dogs - you know, “affigans”, or even maybe “one of those African hounds”. Current events may rectify these pronunciations, but I somehow doubt it.

If you stop and think about most of these, you’ll realize that most of them involve transpositions that are easier or more natural for an English speaker to pronounce quickly. If you want to be critical, people are just lazy. To put a different spin on it, you can observe that language tends to evolve towards economical utterances.

(yes, I know that “Affigan” is a mispronunciation, while “African” hound instead of “Afghan” might indicate an actual misconception. I was just commenting on the fact that you hear both.)

Speaking of dogs, how many times have you heard someone say his or her dog has “hip displeasure”? Or say, “I spaded my cat.” (Images of her hitting her cat with a shovel.)