Could you DIE of embarrassment?

Several co-workers and I had gone out to lunch, and were piling into the car to return to work. The driver, whose name I won’t use to protect myself, had already gotten in, another two were in the back seat and the boss’ secretary (we like her, trust me) was getting into the passenger seat in front. I was trying to get into the back seat, stretching to position myself with my butt still slightly outside the car when, how shall I put this, the spider barked! Naturally, I hoped no one had noticed, but the driver piped up, “Did you just fart, Geezer?”

“Thank you so much for pointing that out, Blank,” I replied, as everyone but me laughed their heads off. I was probably purple the rest of the way back to work, where I could hide in my tiny little office for the rest of the day.

So, what was your most embarrassing moment?

Happened at the Tae Kwon Do tournament that my thread talked about (I reccomend you go check it out). I was sitting next to a person, and making idle chat. I thought that this was a guy I was talking to (the haircut was a mullet, very gender neutral, and the person was overweight, so it disguised any… secondary sex characteristics), and I asked “So, do guys spar against the girls in our age category?” “Yeah, I’m a girl!” was the reply… sigh :open_mouth:

Two very embarassing moments in my life are told in this thread.

Same for me; just scroll to the very last post in the thread if you want to see.