Could you please help me? I'm a dumbass...

The situation is this…

I’ve got a major exam tomorrow morning at 8am for my American History class. For this exam I need to know various tidbits of information about the west (as in western USA).

As a part of this exam, I need to know where the Rocky Mountains are located (I have a general idea, but my proff wants specifics), and also where Oregon Country was considered to be (time frame is approximately 1850-1900).

I’ll have to draw out both locations on a map, so an actual map would be most appreciated, but not a requirement.

Oh, and if anyone doesn’t quite get the thread title, I’m a dumbass because I waited until 11 pm the night before the exam to start studying.
So now I turn to you, wise geographically wise Dopers of the world and ask…no plead,…no beg for you help.

Thanks a ton in advance,
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Ps. I’m not usually a dumbass when it comes to studying. Something came up tonight that warranted my full attention, thus preventing me from studying. It’s actually a really good excuse that I might actually post about in the pit tomorrow.

I don’t usually do this, but have you considered Google? It’s going to be quicker than waiting here for answers. It took me two seconds to find this page.

Thanks a ton, Francesca. I don’t usually turn to the Dope for homework help, but this time I’m desperate.

Google was the first place I went to, actually.

I tried searching Rocky Mountains, Map of Rocky Mountains, Map of Rocky Mountains in USA. Each result list was filled with web sites for either national parks or travel businesses.

Ummm… Err… Francesca??

I clicked on the link you so generously provided and it isn’t working. I keep getting a big error message saying that it can’t find the server…

Odd. The link works for me. The full address is

Try this one instead:

And for the Rocky Mountains, try here:



For Oregon Country see map labeled Oregon Territory, note that it gets divided between Britain (eventually Canada) and U.S.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

Well I took the test this morning and I think it went well. Not as well as I would’ve liked, but the lack of preparation on my part had a lot to do with it. I should get at least a B, maybe a C if the proff gets picky.

Thanks again for the help. I really appreciate it.

<3 ya,
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