Could your GOD create a boulder too big for him to move?


Check out this webpage: [](The rock that can not be lifted.)

The question has been done.

Wow. So original.

Yes, but he could still move it. Being God is cool like that.



There is no rock.

Why do systems of measurement apply to the thing that created them?

What’s God’s shoe size?

God’s shoe size is eternal

My god couldn’t make an unmovable rock, because all things are part of god, so therefore so is the rock. As he does follow natural laws of physics, he can’t lift himself (can you!?).

My god could, but that’s just because he’s bigger than your god.


Omnipotence need not be defined as the ability to do anything, even if that that thing is not a thing at all.

Can you smell the colour nine?


Is there something wrong with your nose?

Or is there something wrong with the question?

One question, I have wondered about since being told Gods omnipotence doesn’t include logical impossibilties, does the measurment problem prevent God from having perfect knowledge.

sorry, ‘?’ not ‘.’ at the end of the last post.

The question is phrased badly, agreed. My belief (reflecting mainstream and traditional Judaism) is that God can (and does) limit Himself. Let’s not piddle about with rocks, let’s talk about free will. Can people have free will if God knows all and controls all? The answer that Judaism offers is that God deliberately limits himself and does not interfere with human free will. People are free to make their own decisions, even if those decisions are contrary to God’s wishes.

((Minor footnote: There is one known exceptiont to this, God does seem to interfere with Pharoah’s free will in the story of the plagues and Exodus from Egypt. But aside from that remarkable exception, God allows humans free will.))

So, the rock question is answered similarly, but it’s much less interesting.

I’m always amused by people who think that such a silly logical paradox can somehow disprove the existence of God. Equally silly, of course, are peole who think they can prove the existence of God, but that’s a different story.

also, doe quantum uncertainity mean that it is possible for a person to know, say for example the position of an object better than God?

Why do people think God should be limited by physics, or even logic. I am sure God can smell the color nine. It doesn’t make sense to me, but then, I’m not God.

Yes but if God isn’t limted by logic, it brings us back to the “questin can he create a boulder that he can’t move?”, in which either an answer of yes or no seems to limit his powers in some way.

Smelling the color nine is so easy these days…Just go out to your local farm, look through the fields…find the biggest mushrooms you can find…

Why can’t the answer be both yes and no at the same time?

Isn’t the question logically meaningless?