Can God can create a rock which is too heavy for himself to lift up?

The title’s been corrected: Can God create a rock which is too heavy for himself to lift up?

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No prob, gvozd. Theological questions go in Great Debates, regardless of size or weight.

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twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Of course He can! An omnipotent God is not bound by the rules of logic.

God is the rock.

Yes or no. Depends on His mood.

Can God create a poster who can asks this question and who doesn’t have a join date in the same month the thread was created?


Our God is a rockin’ God, amen.

If you assume God isn’t omnipotent, there’s no reason it isn’t possible. If you assume God is omnipotent, the question becomes nonsensical.

I believe St. Augustine pronounced that it is sin to suppose God is any the less omnipotent because he cannot do logically impossible things, like dividing something into three equal halves.

I believe St. Augustine was full of shit. :smiley:

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Can we assume a rock so big it takes God six whole days to make the thing, at which point He rests instead of picking it up?

Only if God chooses not be able to lift it.

I thought Peter was the rock.

Fight my ignorance, but square circles are impossible in Euclidean space, but if space is curved enough, seems a square would be rather round.
Likewise an invisible pink unicorn could be an ordinary pink unicorn in the dark, or behind a someone else’s problem field or something. or something.

I guess what I’m saying is we need to throw off the shackles Euclidean space, and prohibitions against mad science narwhal-equine genetic engineering. We could be gods I tell you! Fools I’ll destroy you all!

God is not a magician

Take a page from Erwin Schrödinger.

  1. Create rock in secluded location nobody else can reach or observe.
  2. (Attempt to) lift rock.
  3. Refuse to tell anyone whether the attempt was successful.