Council of Europe & Baby Murder in Ukraine

A few years ago I heard a BBC documentary (Radio 4) called Stem Cell Swindle, about a Ukrainian Maternity hospital killing new borns, dismembering them and making the remains into “smoothies”, in the words of a Dr. Minger, to be used in cosmetic treatments at dubious Caribbean clinics.

Some newspaper accounts based on the documentary can be found here and here.

Now, both of those reports claim a Council of Europe investigation was to be started into these allegations, but I can’t find any information about what happened next. Google is only turning up a load of pro-life sites from the time of the original report saying how awful it is, although as these babies had already been born it’s not really what you’d expect them to be looking for. The CoE site isn’t any use either, or at least I can’t find anything on there.

Any help appreciated.

Does the Council of Europe actually investigate things? It’s my impression that they’re more of a standards organization, with the occasional “call to action.” There was an investigation by some agency in Ukraine, but the investigator was sacked after trying to expand her investigation to more hospitals. No more news after that. Certainly Ukraine continues to be a major destination for dubious stem cell treatments, and it would not surprise me to learn that any manner of illicit activities are involved. Any specific malfeasance is hard to prove, as those clowns won’t talk to anybody, but given the money and the junk science - hell, what wouldn’t they do?