Count To A Million Thread!

5505 = 3 × 5 × 367

I’m coming home


Look out daddy, I’m gonna roll

[Never heard this song, or heard of this band. Be kind if I mess up.]

5506 = 2 x 2753

Right up to your ever lovin’ door
[I had a feeling this one would come up, though I thought of the other one]


Hey you can tell, by the way I look

5508 = 22 x 34 x 17

I won’t be wanderin’ no more

5509 = 7 × 787

I’m a heavy headed gal

[I never heard of it either. As usual.]

5510 = 2 x 5 x 19 x 29

Full of sorrow, don’t ask me how
[But you would have heard of it if you had gone the way of “there’s a white boat coming up the river” instead of “I’m coming home”, wouldn’t you? We can just switch if you prefer, of course. As long as we chug along on the way to the million…]