Counterfeit Mini's

Anybody get the DVD? I’m worried that if I order it, I’ll get a counterfeit DVD. The material looks solid though.

I have to admit that I am intrigued by the commercial. What do you suppose they have in mind for the arc, if any?

Useful advice from that site:

As a British car fanatic, I’d like to see the DVD.

[ul][li]Buying the DVD means I’d be paying for a commercial;[/li][li]The BMW Mini is not made by a British car company.[/ul][/li]
Still, if someone else had it, I wouldn’t mind borrowing it.

Is this commerical supposed to be advertising Mini’s? If it is, it’s one of the strangest ad campaign I’ve ever seen.

Not at all. The message is that New Minis are so incredibly hip, that people want to counterfeit them.

The weird part is that they want you to buy more advertising in the form of a DVD. I’m guessing the DVD is probably pretty funny, but it’s still an ad. I would give out the DVDs free to people who test-drove a New Mini. This would pull more people into the showrooms, which is where you want them to be. The salesperson will typically try very hard to get people into a car. (They’ll drive you off the lot – ‘insurance reasons’ – and then pull over someplace and hand you the keys. They’ll positively-reenforce ‘ownership’ by calling it ‘your car’. They might park their Shiny New Car next to your Old POS. And so forth.) I think people might be more willing to take a test drive if they ‘get something free’, so I think the DVDs should be distributed that way instead of selling them.

I don’t think the Mini Cooper corporation is in any way associated with If they are, I missed that somewhere. It surely is an ad for Mini Coopers though.

It’s the MINI USA ad agency that’s responsible for the tv commercials and web site.

Sorry. That should be MINIUSA’s ad agency. Their real website is at Notice it links to the counterfeit Mini website.

Thanks for the info. It puts things into perspective.