Country Club Accountant Out There?

I’ve received interest from a rather large owner of golf/country clubs as a club accountant. Has anybody ever done this here. What could I expect in day-to-day work(I would work at the club itself)? Would you recommend it? How much pay should I expect?

I worked as an accounting assistant for a private tennis club that was part of a chain of athletic/dining/golf clubs. The hours weren’t always what I’d have wished but our club was not well managed. My boss worked some damn long hours but again, much of that had to do with poor management. The pay for us wasn’t all that wonderful, either. Not bad but not great.

Slong as the club has a good manager, you should have few difficulties. There will always be those members who insist on arguing every single charge on their bill or will argue against paying late fees because they were out of town and couldn’t be bothered to take care of their bills in advance or demand services to which they are not entitled. Hopefully, you won’t have too many of those.

I don’t know what area you are in so I don’t know what your salary expectations might be. Depending on your location, education, and prior experience, I’d say to expect around $50,000 to $60,000 to start.