Couple of iPod questions.

So I’m trying to find a way to transfer some video I shot on an iPod, onto a jump drive, to give to a friend.

Doesn’t sound so hard, right? I’m usually pretty good at surfing up answers, but I am hitting a wall. Maybe it’s how I’m phrasing it? All I can find us how to transfer music.

Even things titled how to transfer video, really only tell you how to move music, iTunes, blah, blah.

Anyone care to point me in the right direction? (Less than a year old iPod, if that helps)

But it occurs to me, I should first ask, will my friends with pcs even be able to view the video, from the jump drive? (assuming I can figure out a way to shift it there!)

Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide!

If you don’t want to use iTunes, mail it to yourself (or friend).

Does this help?

If their PCs can read h.264 they should be ok.

Videos are stored in the following folder for my iPod.

Computer\iPod\Internal Storage\DCIM\915ZUBXJ

After you’ve plugged the iPod into a computer, the videos are easily extracted by dragging and dropping to the desired location.

I am running Windows 7 and a Gen 4 iPod Touch, so that directory may not be exactly the same for you. But give exploring the iPod directory a try. They’ve been doing roughly the same storage system since they came out with the iPod Video way back in the day.

edit: all videos are recorded in .mov format, so any basic media player should have no problems playing them.

Thanks for theses tips, I’ll try them tonight!

The iPod is just a digital camera as far as (I assume Windows) is concerned. Just right-click on the iPod (in “My Computer,” “Computer,” “This PC”, or the Explorer sidebar as appropriate for your version of Windows) and there will be an option to “Import Pictures and Videos.”

No iTunes, DCIM digging, or e-mail necessary, it works like any other digital camera.