Couple of TV Commercial Questions

1.) In the Serta commercial where the sheep end up in prison, their cellmate asks, “So what are you in for?” who is that guy and is that really his voice (i.e. does he naturally speak like that or has it been modified to sound lower than it normally does?)?

2.) In the Levi’s commercial where the girl breaks into the chop shop to steal her car back, what’s the name of the song playing?

3.) In the other Levi’s commercial where the guy and his girlfriend push the car into the water and he dives into the water to retrive something, what is it he gets and what does she say to him afterwards?

Don’t know and don’t have anything to add other than I think that Serta commercial is great. Actually I like all three of their commercials. If anyone is interested in seeing the commercial Tuckerfan is talking about, you can view it at Serta’s website.

the guy dives into the water to retrive his french dictionary or something. so he an understand what the girl is saying.

Dunno, it looks like its in a flip-top box to me. Can’t imagine a dictionary looking like that.

It’s definetly a dictionary. It says “French/English Dictionary” right on it. And then she talks to him in French.