Couples: Sleep over at your SO's place or yours?

I’m making this poll gender specific as I’m curious if there is a gender divide on this topic.

I’m a male and I absolutely HATE staying at the SO place. I’m much more comfortable at mine.

I’m currently not serious with anyone but still; that’s how it’s always been in the past.

The advantage of having been in a long-distance relationship prior to living together is that this issue was often determined by other factors. :slight_smile:

We’re longish distance right now (hour and a half) so he comes here for the weekends and I used to go there some weeknights, except then his work schedule changed. So it used to be 50/50 and now is mostly me. BUT he’s moving here hopefully in two weeks.

Before living together, it was about 50/50. We rarely slept apart.

We rarely slept when we slept together :o;)

I’m single right now, but in the past it’s usually been 50/50 unless other factors came into play such as roommates, parents or distance to respective jobs.

If we’re a couple, why are we living apart?

Well, you don’t just move in together after the first date.

His house, but because he has three dogs and they require frequent attention. You don’t leave dogs overnight. I have one cat and he’s fine by himself overnight. When I had a dog, I had to get up and leave – we never spent the night together until my dog died.

Now people are couples after the first date? :eek:

I’m definitely not up on current relationship mores.

My girlfriend lives with some family friends and her room is next door to a 12 year old. So even when I drive the 6 hours to see her we get a hotel room. I vastly prefer having her stay at my place.

In general I prefer having girldfirend over to my house I have a dog so I don’t like leaving him alone over night. Plus my house is really nice and I havne’t had a girlfirend who’s was any where near as comfrotable.

We initially divided it 50/50. But, her place is way nicer than mine (was), so I sold my house.