Do you usually go to bed alone?


We moved from Maryland to West Virginia a few months ago; hubby still works in Maryland. It’s about a four-hour drive from where he works to our apartment. Because of drive-time and cost of gas, he only comes home for long weekends (Friday-Monday) every other week.

He is in the process of trying to transfer his job to the VA hospital that is commutable from here, but we understand they give preference to veterans, so it could take a while.

Meantime, we talk on the phone/email every day, but most nights, I go to bed alone.

Sometimes my kitty comes in to my bed, but sometimes I kick him out again because he likes to lick my toes when/if I kick off my covers. I’m very ticklish, and it’s impossible to sleep with him licking my toes!

You don’t have an option for “Yes, because the hubby stays up to watch hockey and I’m usually in bed and asleep by the end of the shootout.”

I have a spouse AND pets that are with me every night. This should be a multi-choice poll.

Due to Ivylad’s health issues, it’s rare we’re in bed at the same time and throughout the night. He’ll wake up, unable to get back to sleep and get up, come to bed after me, or already be in bed when I’m ready to sleep.

Since my boy only sleeps over every so often (he’s got a weird work schedule), and my dog sleeps with me (at least when it’s cold)…I manned up and admitted that I sleep with my dog most nights :slight_smile:

Well, my wife travels, so she isn’t in bed with me every night. The cats are there, but she isn’t.

There is also the reverse of teela’s post, which would be “My wife works from home, but works best at night, so she tends to come to bed much later.”

99+% with the wife over 23 years, although earlier this month she was in D.C. at a conference while I was home with the kids…forgot what it felt like…sleeping alone.

None of the above. I have a cat who sometimes sleeps on the bed with me and a partner who has his own place so we sleep together sometimes. The cat doens’t like sharing the bed with both of us.

Heh. My cat has no compunctions about sharing the bed with both of us. But my hubby doesn’t like sharing the bed with the cat! So, frequently, the cat will get in the bed at some point during the night while hubby is home, but as soon as he (the cat, not the husband) starts being a PITA, hubby kicks the cat out of the room and shuts the door tight!

I don’t, but my wife does. She usually goes up to bed at least an hour before me, but when I go up, there’s a nice warm body to snuggle up to.

My wife is almost always in bed before me, but usually still awake when I get there.

I seem to spend more time unattached then in a relationship so I usually sleep alone and I only let my dog into bed when it’s cold.

always, i’ve never really known anything else and I don’t have any pets. On occasion I have gone to bed with people if I’m in some sort of relationship, but even then it is by far the exception rather than the norm. It doesn’t really bother me as I don’t know anything else. It’s hard to imagine having someone constantly around, especially at night. Sometimes I go to bed absurdly early, some nights I don’t sleep at all.

The cat and I go to bed together, the husband usually gets in a few more hours of playing WoW.

My girlfriend usually sleeps over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. The rest of the week, I fly solo.

Not since college. MrWhatsit has been putting up with my blanket-stealage for going on ten years now.

We don’t always go to bed at the same time, but unless one of us is on travel, we’re sleeping together at least part of every night.

Same here.

Other. Spouse and pet. We’re a little family.