Do you sleep with your wife/husband?

Before anyone gets to excited, I didn’t mean do you “cheat” on your SO! I just couldnt figure a better way to word what I wanted to ask.

Anyway, my wife is a earlier riser and so goes to bed early, usually around 10pm or so. I get up later so I am not usually tired that early so I tend to go to sleep much later. This means me and my wife seldom, unless we are on a trip, sleep at the same time. This has always bothered me since I figured once your married you should, as a couple, go to bed together. Now, I have only been married for three years so maybe I am just not in that grove yet.

But my wife loves to sleep with no noise and all darkness. Me on the other hand spent the last 20+ years sleeping with a TV on. And even after 3 years its hard to fall asleep without some noise.

I have asked friends and family members alike, and was very suprised by how many couples not only dont sleep at the same time, but sleep in different beds!! So I thought I would check with the dopers and see how the married ones sleep!

So do you sleep together? Same time?

We sleep in the same bed whenever I am not on the road but we have very dissimilar schedules with her staying up and rising late, she starts work after ten AM and me being on the early track.

We sleep in separate rooms.

He snores really loud.

My wife and I have different sleep scheduels. I have to be to bed early and up early as I work a regular office job. When she was working, she was self-employed as a videographer, and preferred to do her editing in the middle of the night. Now that she’s not working anymore, she still prefers to stay late and sleep late. We are also both light and restless sleepers. It simply works better for us to sleep in seperate rooms. The few times we have tried sleeping in the same bed left us both getting little sleep.

My sleep schedule is 2-3 hours earlier than my wife, so I’m usually dead asleep before she comes up to bed, and she’s out for long after I’ve left for work.

I’m a morning person and he’s a night person, which works out well since we both like to have a chunk of time when we are alone in the house. But he usually comes and lays down with me ehen I go to bed, and, if I am home (summer) I usually go and lay down with him around the time he wakes up.

We sleep in the same bed, however, if I’ve had something the induces a lot of gas I tend to snore really loud…She’ll go in the spare room. However, when I realize she’s not in bed with me I’ll sometimes sneak into the spare room with her - hey the bed is really comfy!!

Stonebow and I keep roughly the same schedule, so yes, we sleep together. There are a few times when one of us is up later than the other, or one of us rises earlier than the other, though.

I’m with FaerieBeth, we almost always sleep together. We go to bed at the same time, but he rises earlier. (He seems to need about an hour less sleep than I do).

On the weekends, I usually do get up earlier.

:smack: I mean, I don’t sleep with FaerieBeth, but my SO.

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Do you sleep with our wife/husband?
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Same bed, however, my husband usually goes to bed around 10, 11 at the latest, and wakes up anywhere between 5am and 7am, even on weekends. I, on the other hand, am an insomniac. Sometimes I go to bed when he does. Usually, I am up long enough to see him off to work. When I do manage to sleep, it’s usually in the daytime.

For years, I would not sleep in our bed if my wife was out of town on business or whatnot. “Bed’s too big without you”–I would sleep on the couch or the floor. Sometimes, we have to go to bed at different times, but we try to go to bed together as much as possible (even if it means one of us reads for a while before turning out the lights). In cases like that, I usually wake up first, so I’ll putter around the house a little, but I always try to be back in bed (reading, again) when she wakes up, so I’ll be there. Now, when she’s out of town, though, I do sleep in the bed–but that’s only because doing so keeps the cats calm (any deviation from the routine tends to make them cross).

We always sleep together. My work hours are flexible, so that makes it easy for me to go to bed early when my husband has to leave earlier the next morning, and later when he is working later. We are a joined-at-the-hip type of couple, so I can’t imagine not sleeping together.

Totally! And I can’t believe 10 people responded before it got commented upon!
My SO and I don’t live together, though he stays at my place all weekend, so we do sleep together some nights. He’s a real night owl, and doesn’t like to get up early. I am early to bed and semi-early to rise.

Traditionally I’m of the mindset that you go to bed together whenever possible. However, if I keep this guy around, I might have to rethink that! But there’s mostly an overlap, since neither of us have odd work schedules.

Just wondering how this affects your sex life. Do you have sex then just go and sleep in different rooms? I know its a personal question, im just curious :slight_smile:

thanks laina! haha…can’t belive I missed that! Any passing mod mine fixing OUR to YOUR??

Now we do because we just got a brand-new king bed. Before…not so much. He’s a really restless sleeper and snorer and I’m an insomniac. Also we’ve had 2 kids in 3 years and pregnancy and co-sleeping have tended to drive him out of the bed. I’m really enjoying sleeping together now that we do again; I’ve realized I missed it.

We usually hit the sack at the same time (and the same bed), although I am up later on occasion. Right now I tailor my sleeping habits to match his, but I imagine things will be different when I start going to school again (in a little more than a year hopefully :crosses fingers: ). We’re both night owl types – to bed at around 3:30-4 am, up at noonish. We’re relishing it while we still can.

At first I was afraid to look at this thread! I thought perhaps Queen Elizabeth was asking us if we had done the deed with Prince Philip. Though I was not sure that she follows this Message Board.


And while I don’t know about dragongirl’s other half, Mr. Levins has the ability to rattle windowpanes. I sleep across the hall, and even when both of our doors are shut, I can still hear him through the walls unless I have my standing fan on “high.”

Most people think it’s a bit odd, b/c we’re a young couple (he’s 35, I’m 27) and most people don’t start sleeping separately til they’re older…

But if they hear him snore, it all becomes clear.