Couples: what is the height difference between the two of you?

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I seem to notice quite a few short women dating extremely tall men. I’ve always thought of it as stabilizing selection, based purely on observation of taller men and women I know. I’d really like to know if this is the norm, because I don’t see as many very tall couples. In fact, I see taller women going for men that are about their height or shorter, but not too much taller. So, I’d like to know the height difference between you and your partner (I’ll define partner as someone you have had or plan on having children with (you don’t have to want to have kids, but someone you’ve been with long enough/love enough that, if you wanted children, you’d be that committed to them)). Please provide the height of you and your partner.


I am 6’ [sup]1[/sup]/2" (183 cm) tall. Mrs Shibb is 5’0" (150 cm, maybe 151 on a good day). FWIW, our daughter, who turns 14 in a few days, is already about 5 inches taller than her Mom. Our son is maybe an inch or so shorter than his Mom at 11 years old. She will soon be, by far, the shortest one in the house.

We are both 5’9". My parents are both 6’. My two brothers are 6’6" and their partners are 5’8" and 5’10".

I’m 6’2"; SO is 5’6". 8 inches difference, about 20cm.

I’m 5’11, my wife is 5’5. Nothing too crazy here.

6’5" vs 5’7".

I’ve dated girls who were 5’0" to 5’11"

But, we’re all the same height lying down.

My wife is 5’ 2".

I’m 6’ 7".

17 inches difference. No kids, and none expected. Too old for that.

6’2" for me and 4’11" for her. I also weigh >2X of her.

(Our 3yo daughter is very tiny too.)

I’m 5’9" and he’s 5’10" which is great for me, since I dislike wearing heels and would feel dorky towering over him if I did.

I’m 5’7" and he’s 6’2", give or take. The sprog is pretty tall, and his pediatrician thinks he’ll top out at about 6’3" or 6’4".

I’m 5’7", and hubby is 6’4" (difference of 9"). Like MsRobyn, our son is very tall–he’s always been in the 90-95th percentile for height. Even Son 2.0, still baking in the oven, has consistently measured 2-3 weeks ahead.

I’m 5’3", my husband is 6’7". No kids yet.

My father is 6’5", and my mother is 5’3". My brother is 5’9".

I’m 5’0 and my husband is 5’10. According to the kids’ doctor, my girls are projected to be in the 5’4 to 5’6 range.

I’m 5’ 3’’, my husband is 5’7’’, which makes a height difference of 4’’.

The biggest height disparity I know is between my Aunt and her husband – she is 5’7’’ and he is 6’7’’, making a height difference of one foot.

I’m 5’5’’ and my SO is 6’2’’. So that is 9 inch difference.

Wife 5’3"
Me 5’9"

So 6 inch difference, which is enough to make me respond to yells to reach up for things.

It might be more important to express the difference in couple height as a percentage, rather than raw numbers. That way, you can compare results easily across the range of statures.

I am 5’7-5’8 depending on shoes, and Nashiitashii Is 5’9 in bare feet. I’m surprised at how many people think it’s weird that I’m married to a taller woman.

My wife is 5’8"-ish and I’m about 5’10" - we kinda match…

Brendon Small

I’m about 5’3 and my husband is 6’3. No kids.

No children planned or desired here, but I’m 5’7" and he’s 5’9". My mom is 5’3" and my dad is 6’2".