Coupling - The Definitions/Theories

The BBC show Coupling has advanced a number of theories/terms which address things that exist in life, but aren’t often given names. I offer the following, and hope other Coupling fans will add more:

“Porn Buddy”: A person who has a key to your place. His or her role upon your untimely death is to immediately go to your house and remove all pornographic videotapes, before they can be found by your family.


“Stop shaking the caravan, Jeff.”

The Sock Gap

From the IMDb:

I think the meaning of “squelchy” can be inferred from context.

“Giggleloop” - when you’re in a situation where laughing would be very rude, which you find funny, so you start to giggle, but supress it. The fact that you almost laughed strikes you as funny, so you almost laugh again, but louder. Repeat until you’re actually laughing out loud at, say, a funeral.

What was the thing with the nudity gap? It was something about a guy introducing himself to a girl he found attractive within five minutes. After that, he was already imagining the girl naked so he’d be unable to look the girl in the eyes.

That would be the nudity buffer:

Jeff: When you first see an attractive woman, you’ve got a nudity buffer of maybe, 5 minutes before you’ve fully worked out what she looks like naked.
Patrick: A whole 5?
Jeff: Well, you’ve got to assess her nipple type, that takes time.
Patrick: Good point

There is also NAT (Nose Avoidance Tilting) and VAA (Visual Angle Access - the “fact” that there is always an angle from which you can see up a woman’s skirt to “base camp”), among others.

Captain Subtext. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it involves everything that you mean when you say something else.

The very title of the first episode:

Unflushable - A boyfriend/girlfriend who refuses to go away, even though you’ve broken up with him/her.