Cousteau, Lake Titicaca, and the Devil

I seem to remember a science program by Jaques Cousteau, and one of the episodes was a scuba expedition of South American Lake Titicaca.

Part of the ep. showed a diver in full black and yellow wetsuit gear rising up out of the water and walking around the local native village on the shore; a mother smacked his hand away as he reached out to touch a small child. :rolleyes:

Cousteau narrates how some years hence stories would abound of this day: Mothers and Fathers would admonish their children to eat all their supper, else the black and yellow devil will rise from the water and snatch them away.

Has anyone followed up on this to see if this occurrence has indeed become part of the native mythological folklore?

Dunno. But I remember that episode (well, the diver walking around in full gear, scaring the natives, anyway) and I’m curious of the answer as well.