Cover your mouth when you cough... even if you're alone??

My parents taught me that you always cover your mouth when you cough no matter what. But do you cover your mouth when no one else is in your vicinity? I have a case of bronchitis and have been coughing a lot the last few days. While I was driving to work this morning I began to cough and I instinctively covered my mouth even though there wasn’t anyone else in the car with me. I think I just do it out of habit. Anyone else do this?

I do that. Don’t want to be spraying various bodily fluids all over the place, even if no one else is around.

I do it too.

It’s definitely the force of habit. I cover instinctively during a cough, but strangely, if I sneeze and I’m alone, it’s open season. And I’ve got the windshield to prove it.

When I’m alone, I don’t give a rip.

I should, but I’m too lazy.

So I spew germs around on myself.

Oh well.

I do it too, but I’m always sure to cough and sneeze onto my arm or shoulder rather than my hand. Because you can’t always wash your hands right away, so it helps minimize transmission of bacteria/virii/bodily fluids to other people and objects.

At least, that’s what I was taught when I first started working in food service.

I cover. And I don’t suppress sneezes - I let 'em rip, but I do cover my mouth and nose, just in case…

My habit usually involves me frantically reaching for my hanky and sneezing all over someone loudly while my hand’s still in my back pocket. Embarrassing.

I usually cover, mainly from habit, but also to avoid a potential snot plume when I sneeze.

In any case, I always cover when sitting at my computer, so I don’t have to wipe off the screen.


I don’t want to spray on things, so I either cover or kind of tuck my head towards my shoulder/arm like easy e mentioned.

I always cover. The spray just ain’t pretty.