Covert Affairs: Big Changes Coming!

I just read an interesting article in Hollywood Reporter.
Warning: May be some spoilers in the article, so beware before reading this link. (Actually, more “teaser” than spoiler, but just wanted to warn any purists.)

Non-spoiler up-shoot is that there is going to be a “big change” at the end of this new half-season premiering tonight. Also interesting to read they went to many of those locations (most notably Berlin, where I used to live) to film some of the upcoming shows, instead of fake back lots in Hollywood.

Will be interesting to see how this short season ends, leading up to the summer series return.

I’m not reading the link above, but I thought I’d pop in to say I liked tonight’s episode. The location shoots (like the opening in Venice tonight) add a bit of “authenticity” to the show.

I’m guessing with Annie moving out, we’ll probably see a lot less of her sister. I actually always appreciated those family scenes because they added depth to the characterization and “grounded” her. I’d like them to get rid of Jay. His whole character and subplot has always felt kind of tacked on.