Is back, well not yet but starting October 30th and I can’t wait. I have been watching the previous seasons again and I noticed I missed somethings because some of it was new to me. That is what is so great about this show so many details and plots to get into!

Will any of the other (besides Sean & Christian) characters be returning since they’ve moved to LA?

I can tell you that at the very least, Sean’s ex-wife, Julia, will be back. I know this because my husband works at Paramount (where this show is filmed) and just saw Joely Richardson on the lot this past week. He’s seen Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon many times in recent weeks and months as well, but he doesn’t watch the show except to see passing glimpses of it when I have it on, so he doesn’t know all the characters well enough to recognize all the actors when he sees them, so he may have seen others, but just doesn’t realize it.

They’ve been in production again for a long time, so they must have quite a few episodes in the can. I can’t wait for the new season to start!

I am pretty sure the usuals will be back like Matt and Kimber and Liz. I know that Julia will be back and she is bring some new characters with her.