Nip/Tuck Back with a Vengeance! (Contains Spoilers)

Sean in a wheelchair! :eek:

Christian has breast cancer! :eek:

Did the daughter die on the operating table?

Why would plastic surgeons leave the knife wound scars all over Sean? Did he want to keep them as a reminder, or to punish himself somehow?

I can’t wait to find out what happened with Julia’s girlfriend’s sicko daughter!

Blood and gore!

Hot sex!

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! :smiley:

They claimed that last years season was the last one, so I’m gonna hold them to their word and not watch this one.

Where’s crab-baby?

When did they claim that? I happen to know (because my husband works on the Paramount lot where it’s shot) that they’ve been in production for this season for months.

Besides, if it’s a show you enjoy, why would you deny yourself another season of it? It looks to be just as delicious as the first few seasons. I wasn’t quite as impressed with last season, actually – the transition to California just to dump old story lines didn’t really work that well for me. But this premier was a return to its original form. I can’t wait to see more!

The adds for the last seasons finale claimed it was the series finale. For me the show died when Julia seduced that little person baby sitter.

Is the unibrow son gone? If he’s gone, I’ll watch again.

Hmm, I don’t recall that. Perhaps this sheds some light – this apparently isn’t considered a new season, but a (long overdue) continuation of season 5. This episode was Season 5, Episode 15. So perhaps season 5 is the series finale, but we just haven’t gotten to the actual end of it yet. Dunno. But depending on how the rest of this season 5-Part 2 goes, I wouldn’t mind if they reneged and went on with a season 6.

I didn’t think it was a seduction, I thought they fell in love. Not sure why that put you off, though. Julia is a mess. She’s always been fucked up with her emotions, being in love with Christian but marrying Sean, now thinking she’s gay, etc. Especially on a show like this, I never expect the characters to do what normal or reasonable people would do, I expect them to do the most outrageous things the writers can dream up. The more outrageous the better for me! That’s what makes this show so awesome IMO.

No, he’s not gone, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the new direction they seem to be taking his character in. They’re showing this episode again on Friday night. Why not at least check it out?

I watched it and liked it pretty well. I too thought it had ended. When I saw that the DVR had recorded it, I thought it was a rerun.

Oh, all right, all right, I’ll give it a look see, you’ve convinced me.