HELP! Nip/Tuck 11/15

A storm rolled in with less than twenty minutes to go in the extended episode- I made it through the commercial break, then saw Christian beginning to remove the bandages from the facial transplant girl, then BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. AUGH!

Can someone please fill me in on the rest of the episode? Please?

Can’t remember exactly what happened before & after that, so he’s the resolutions of the plot lines (obviously SPOILERS).

Mom is happy, Dead Girl’s mom comes in looking pensive. Docs say it looks good, now they have to wait. They get a call that something is wrong. Even though the surgery is good, Transplant Girl rejects the new face. It ends with them taking it off of her again, I guess to do some more grafts from her body but they don’t follow it that far. Pre-fad shot is on just the mask-like skin.

Warden Norton succeeds in freaking Sean out about leaving with Anne Heche & the kid. Sean visits Julia & they talk about the daughter, he goes home for scene about Anne being killed by park pervo, turns out to be fantasy. Anne has taken decision out of his hands, is already gone (didn’t catch what the note said).

Christian sleeps with Kimber wanna-be. Kimber comes back, says she’ll give up porn. Has a pre-nup to that effect that also says he won’t have any affairs (but does still allow them to have threesomes).

That’s the high points anyway.

That was a fantasy? :smack: I wondered how Park Perv managed to erase the signs of two murders.

I’m glad that story line is over. I didn’t like or trust Nikki – maybe because she reminded me of Anne Heche – and there was no chemistry between her and Sean.

I really like Christian this season. Quentin is bringing out his better side.

Not sure if I’m being whooshed, but that was Anne Heche. Unless you’re saying she’s not capable of acting her way out of a paper bag, and every character she plays is basically her and therefore reminds you that she’s just acting, in which case I’ll agree wholeheartedly.

Of course, the choice of actress may also explain the lack of chemistry between her and Sean. :wink:

Thank you, BigDummy!

Oops. I’m sorry. No whoosh. I looked at the credits, didn’t see her name and thought it was someone with an unfortunate resemblance. The wooden acting should have clued me in.